Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 7

~ ack.

Just figured "ack" worked with that pic. :)
Yesterday... could have been better but only if I'd done less.
Got up with a plan for groceries and it turned into the road trip of mass consumerism...
Starbucks... (!!) cost-co, home outfitters, wallmart and back to outfitters AND into futureshop... the Wii was finally ready.
Like I had to call? lol... it had literally just arrived and there I was... on the phone. (my spidey senses were tingling).
Then loblaws... and by this time I was all walk'en slow and favouring my ab. :(
Fortunately I have kids at home to empty the car...
I carried the Wii in. :)

~ oh... pj pants, sleepy tee and giant hoodie (my "too big" hoodie is comfort food my outsides...
~ yeah, so I'm planning on feeling guilty about not motivating the family down to Winterlude... for the millionth time... to find a parking spot... change into skates in a frozen crowded hut... drag kids along the skateway... buy overpriced coco, etc.
~ oh wait... I just decided to not feel guilty. So... never mind. :)
~ going to my folks house for dinner.
~ to, once again, thank balljar for sharing...
~ for jjnslat to keep the chicken porn to a minimum...
~ to point out that I'm a bit jealous of pasticcio and her wee trip to the Park-of-O.
~ AND that all my snowed'in buddies... dig themselves out with a minimum of back injuries.

Birthday moments...
From yesterday... happy birthday mr frosty (frostbyte). I hope all is well and that things spin right for you over the next year. Oh... and dry... stay dry. :)
And for today...
A very happy birthday to my little alice, (no... who's not so little any more). Truly, I hope you have a wonderful day and a stellar year. You're the book... I've been reading for so long. Please don't get lost. :)

So I'm sick of my shoulder.
I'm going back to the doc and ask to see a specialist.
Physio has not brought me any sustained relief,
and I cannot sleep a full night ... so screw it.
Between that and the ab I am a tad bit
On the frustrated side of things.
I'm making an appointment with Zee's trainer too.
I need to sort out what I can do while life keeps
shooting with things I can't.

Contemplated a "burr" grinder for coffee.
Our twenty year old braun kinda gave up the ghost.
I ended up with another blade, this time from krupps.
Cool "burr" ish'ness with coffee grinding will have to wait for christmas. :D

Watched Caprica (epi 3, counting the pilot 2 hour movie as epi 1)
Personally I hope he kills her... she's a pain and I don't like her.
and I'm looking forward to Lacy manning-up ... aka the serialized dramatic tv show plot feature where the downtrodden come of age and assert themselves...
er... yeah, lol... just TOTALLY DIGGING this tv show. :)

~ alrighty...
Time to make tea biscuits ... choco-chips, blueberries...
seperately, of course. CC's for the boys... bb's for me! :D

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