Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, February 4

~ I kept this one ... 'cuz of that totally trippy light effect in the apparent forground. :)
The morning sun - for about 15 minutes -, that window and the position of the camera... absolute line up.
I was just grabbing my phone to bolt for work.

Again... I actually forget what "outside" was like... although it wasn't snowing or anything nasty at lunch...
So I guess it was a nice day. :)

~ jeans, blue shirt and nice sweater.
~ finish best practice #2... so good. ;)
~ go to gym at lunch. 14 min cardio... no issues. calf lifts and shoulder work (all low weight...lots of reps)
~ home to make a "little bit of everything" dinner... Geo was babysitting nxt-dr from 6 - 7 so we ate after that. :)
~ the evening vanishes when we eat so late. :(
~ kitiara enjoys her jet pack...
~ wishing for nextproblem to catch some good breaths...
~ and that my... little... nut... meg... (nutmeg) to keep that amazing and awe inspiring stregth up.

It's funny how quickly work life can swirl into a wild vortex of multitasking.
Not an unruley, messy vortex. Not off the rails...
It's just that... one minute you're, you know, doing some single specific thing...
Thinking you're going to stay focused and power through...
la la la la...
Phone rings, email arrives, bosses show up, cell phone rings, calendar pings, coworker shows up...
and, of course, you also stupidly choose that exact moment to think of some really great thing you are either going to write down... or forget forever.
Juggling is fine, but if you're a consultant,
It's juggling knives.
Now dropping anything has consequences.
~ ah well...
(this is me... sitting here, realizing I forgot to do something at work today... sigh)

Of all the things your body can produce that... smell bad,
and I mean... every possible rotten stinky thing,
I think the most instantly distasteful possibilities come from in and around ears.

So I'm going to go put an ice pack on my hernia thing.
I'm not in a panic or anything, but since I can ... like "touch" the wound area,
I'm totally noticing a "thing" (no frick'en way to describe this) below the incision tissue zone,
It just feels like what the original heria thing felt like, except not all soft and squishy.
Grossing you out yet?
Doesn't hurt...
Anyways, I don't see doc chop till the 11th.
So I cool my jets till then.
Freaks me out a bit though.
The goal here is to heal up 'nuf to be able to rock the cruise in March.
That does not include going back in for more between now and then!!
~ this could be totally nothing... so I'm going to not think about it... purge purge purge)

~ :)
See ya soon.

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