Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 2

It was a lovely day. :)
It just was.
I'm not sure if it was 'cuz I'm feeling somewhat better...
because I got to they gym again...
or because I delivered a fairly random compliment to a woman at work.
All I know... is that you could touch me,
and you'd feel the heat of a good day. :D

~ blue jeans
~ white tee... brown turtleneck. :)
~ crazy day...
~ BUT BUT... I got to the gym at lunch. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
~ 10 minutes (sigh) on the elipitical with a cool down...
~ shoulder work (low weight... many reps)
~ calf work (good weight... many reps)
~ stopped... despite wanting desperately to continue.
~ talked to a trainer for a while about how to go about re-igniting my abs and how to ease back.
~ solid work on my "best practice" submission. Draft due tomorrow morning. (I ended up working a few hours tonight on it...
~ denitist at 3:00...
~ made porkchops, rice and red-sauce for dinner (broccoli too)
~ that I could dive into work-outs... but ... I understand the need to go slow... BELIEVE ME... I totally understand.
~ to smile at baybabayba and hope she has many days like that...
~ that it was in my power to actually do something grand and helpful for pixiecup... because ... she just makes me feel like that would be a good idea. :)
~ and that militantmomma's plans... go perfectly.

borrowing from the single most important moment in The Breakfast Club...
If you ask me... why do I care about you so much?
All I can say... without waxing poetic about you in detail...
is "because you let me".
And this fills my spirit, blankets my heart in happiness,
and leaves me in a remarkably peaceful place.
Thank you. :)

I got a check for 100$ from Hyundi.
I referred a co-worker to a guy I know that works there.
Co-worker bought a car.
I get a 100$
So I'm taking co-worker and a gang out to Pho (lunch) ... ASAP.
I feel funny about getting the money.
The money was not part of the objective.
So this... is just a good opportunity to feel good,
and at an auto-makers expense, no less. :)

~ may you be so fortunate... that life spins for you... as it does for me.

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