Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, February 1

~ pretty hard core "dork" moment... (despite any textbook definition for the word "dork").
But I am loving this shirt and tie combo. :)

I brought my a-game to work today ... and took a few names...
I managed to feel good (post op wise) all through the work day... and I was wearing actual clothes
~ as opposed to wearing nice tops and track pants (a'la all the news anchors you've ever seen on TV... 'cuz you know they're either naked or in a g'string under the desk... and that's just the guys.)

Tomorrow is "two weeks post op"... so I am allowed to go back to the gym and start slow into the cardio and work on my shoulder a bit.
If I can break a sweat without going into incision-shock-pain... I will smile from that point forward, until sleep takes me like the little girl I am like the prone to exhaustion boy I am these days...

~ so yeah... light purple shirt, dark purple tie, dark trousers
~ even wore ftls... and had no issues all day. (so happy)
~ a few good meetings with different teams... bringing my new shadow to all of them. Guy seems like he's going to be fine with this...* (fingers crossed)
~ for life's less subtle lessons to forever envigorate macdatty... it's just too short to waste.
~ for odyssey_road ... to get some rest...
~ that the_bean enjoys her dinner this saturday....
~ to congratulate cynica on bringing the awesome...
~ and for tough_doll to find that wagon when she's ready. :)

* am training my replacement for the project I've been on all year. :) (I'll be moving to a new project in April)

Geo update: Six weeks down the road from the December 16 accident,
He is doing wonderfully.
No pain... just working on getting his range of motion and strength up again.
Awesome healing powers. :)

I love how every four years... the TV fills up with moments dedicated to convincing us that Bob Sledding is a sport.

Don't get me wrong, I love watching the Olympics.
But it has almost nothing to do with amature sport.
It's either a pass-time, masqueraiding as a sport (oh look, curling... hurry hard... hurry hard...)
An X-game game...
Or it's being played by a millionaire professional athelete
... and look, if you can smoke a cigarette and drink a beer while playing...and be awesome... it's a pass-time.
next thing you know they'll be saying golf is a sport...

~ note: I think there is more "athleticism" rolled up into a pro at an x-game activity (yes, like skateboarding) than there is in most of the so-called-classic-sports

Saturday night... after the guests were all gone...
And after Ed had put together his newest lego set...
I sat down in the tv room to watch something...
I started Lords of Dogtown again... (I'd just watched Z-boys again, the other night)
And Ed came in... sat down beside me and watched the whole thing... asking lots of questions.
We popped into the z-boys documentaries to get a look at the real people.
it was "a moment" for me with Ed.
Like... I will never forget the details ... the event of him with me there. :)

The movie is about events in 1974 and 75.
(and as I've blabbed about endlessly before...)
We still skate on my original G&S Fiberflex among our other decks.
I bought it in Texas in 1975.
(still using original bearings in the original powerflex wheels and tracker trucks... only replaced the bushings and the grip-tape)

k... see ya soon.

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