Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, January 31

So friday... I went to lunch with co-works... at pho... and I stupidly didn't order the pho... but had cashew chicken (Hold the cashews).
This is a fine example of how my brain sometimes just slips into stupid... and nesstles in for a while... regardless of the screaming from the sidelines.
The cashew sauce... was clearly enough.
9:30 friday night I feel a tingle... 9:45 it hits... full on.
9:46 I take my ONLY imatrix. (cursing myself for not reordering more)
10:00 in bed, after hot shower, moaning away with a vicious vicious migraine.
Meds didn't take over till close to 11.

Woke up yesterday with the remnants and set about chores to take my mind off the recovery.
By noon I had baked and iced two dozen white-on-white cupcakes and a giant chocolate cake (caramel icing... sigh... so flipp'en good)

Fifteen people for dinner... to have the family celebration for Ed's (and one of his aunts) birthday(s).
Was so good. :) Lots (too much) food and not much mess... weeee (love pot luck... Take your dirty dishes... and go!. :D)

~ swish-swish...
~ long sleeves...
~ short sleeves... :)
~ some cleanup...
~ groceries... with Ed. Hit wally-land too, to do some return'en of birthday prezzies... and buy'en more starwars lego. The boy is on a mission. :)
~ making dinner... thai drum sticks, rice, vast veggie stir "steem'n'fry" (minimize the "frying" part... maximize the "good for you" part...)
~ no clue what tonight holds, but ... I'm betting on an early bed time... my exhaustion continues.
~ I can manage to navigate the road between pushing-myself-back-to-fitness and taking-care-not-to-hurt my gut.
~ that we do, indeed, get to see more pictures of the_bean in her wedding dress... but I 'spoze we can wait till the big day.... :D
~ for sassy_red_head to reach those goals...
~ and for a tulip plant to surprise kitiara.

Birthday moments...
from yesterday...
Happy birthday mz-kat (angryvixen)... oh maker of adorable children... May the year keep you and your family safe, happy and healthy.
and happy birthday doodle... I hope this next year brings you little things to smile about... maybe even furry things...
And for today,
Happy birthday sexsatan04... may your dreams ... come true.

Light 'em...

Burn 'em...

And blow 'em out!!!

psss... my mom. :)

Edward has been "all about the lego" for the last few years...
He gets christmas prezzies and ... seperates them into piles. One pile goes back so he can use the money to buy more lego...
He gets cash for birthdays... or gift cards... LEGO.
Starwars lego to be pricise...

~ we're working on building a "base station" out of random lego... :)

K... time to get cooking again. :)
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