Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, January 29

MINUS 33 today... all day.
Serious mutha-cold out today. Like... five minutes to get frostbite on exposed skin. gah!!!

~ swish-swish pants today
~ and (tmi, I know) commando...
~ and this (commando) is the fricking answer to the daytime pain. Seriously. Feels way better. Still gets harder as the day goes on... but yeah... eat me, elastic waste band. :D
~ work was exactly what I expected today... long and focused on clearing out the inbasket and cleaning up a "standards" document. My client has a construct called "Best Practices" that officially approves a guideline, policy or standard and once it's approved... baby it's the frigg'en law of the land. I have three BPs to present. First one goes on Feb 17 (the day before my birthday).
~ went to Pho for lunch with some coworkers... was nice. :) The connections continue to run a little deeper... and it is good.
~ home, ex-haust-ed... so seriously bagged. :( Pass out on sofa beside a resting zee... wake up as she leaves for the gym (she has to get a cardio work out in today - BFL stuff).
~ made left-overs and garlic-mashed potatoes for dinner with the boys... and zee should be having a big ol'greek salad for her dinn.
~ tonight? eh... no plans.
~ last minute planning for giant family get together tomorrow... celebrating Ed's birthday. Pot luck... (best kind)
~ for fondu...
~ for a very dear friend... a sweet young woman... who's all knocked up... to find some better vibes. (sending virtual hugs!)
~ that bramey's world would start to spin right ...
~ to send giant wishes and hopes out to cerulean_me... just 'cuz...
~ and to congratulate tassy on her wedding and ... on the 42!! :D

I was sitting in a college statistics course.
I remember this guy (no idea who he was) mouthing the words "The Shuttle BLEW UP" across the room to me...

I'm getting a little concerned about why I hurt about 3 inches above where the hernia operation was... like... sore a bunch. Hard to say if it's enough to go to the hospital.
Don't panic... I'm not.
It's just getting to bug me.
We'll see what the weekend brings.

If I pulled back the curtain
Slipped off the mask
Let down my guard
And laid bare my soul.
You'd recognize me ... completely.

~ later sk8rs. :)

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