Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, January 28

So can I just say... the weather is abso-fucking-lootly awesome bad.
Deep cold... freeze spit before it hits the ground.
Major wind causing total white-outs while driving.
and the temps are diving down down down...
tomorrow is going to suck super bad.

I'm a lot less "dark" today...
and I'm back on top of things with my clients (a lot of catching up after the operation)
~ but I am still behind the eight ball on a project that needs my total attention tomorrow.

Meanwhile... I'm preparing to tell my employers to suck-it over some "extra work" they want me to do this monday.
A lot will happen on that front tomorrow... so... big ass drama is in store for tomorrow.

And I'm feeling some really good vibes with friends at work.
This does so much for my spirits... you can't believe.
I'm such a light weight with the "enjoying friendships".
Look... when life consipires to shink the "circle of friends" down to almost nill...
It's wicked easy to feel over the moon when you start finding ways to ... start redrawing the circle. :)

I wager that most people go through the shrinking circle thing...
it's part of the journey
From childhood, to school age, to post-secondary... to love, marriage, family and career...
Every step brings the circle in closer... because that's just the way of things.
Sure, for some folks this just doesn't happen... and they maybe don't even know how lucky they are.
But for many... the needs of career and family, necessarily replace a large part of the social scene.
So finding your way back... even a little... can be very uplifting.

~ so today I had a show to do... so I didn't wear the swish-swish pants.
~ I wore nice jeans and the brown turtleneck.
~ this was fine... till about 3:00... then it started to hurt. eh...
~ home... commando, in pj pants and a little lie down ... did the trick.
~ long day at work... much drama (funny how everything is so frick'en dramatic when I can bearly go fifteen seconds without getting frustrated. This makes for some very ... "snap" decisions... as in... making a decision, and needing to say "oh snap" right afterwards. :)
~ gave a show at 1:00 ... to my client director and her management team. 20 minutes in... major side track as I get bold and point out a complete error in their understanding of how things are going in their org. It wasn't a guess... it was a clear fact. They got that... and it all went kinda dramatic after that. Not "against me" or anything... just a big "gosh moment" for the bosses and now some poo will smack against the blades and maybe... just maybe... something will change. :)
~ took Ed to karate... brought Geo so he could help me get some groceries and then I took both boys to McDeath for dinner. I do not like the angus burgers. Honestly... there is no substitute for a big-mac. :)
~ home to turn around a brave the evil weather to finish off my March Of Dimes canvassing in the hood. Rasied 200$ from my section of the hood ... nice. :)
~ now I'm waiting for Ed's bed time... maybe watch a show with Geo and Suz... and then BED. Sweet mercy I am constantly exhausted!!!
~ that chiropteraclan keeps her lunches safe...
~ to send a smile to lisabella for no reason other than that I've been enjoying her journal. :)
~ for sodiumbisulfite ... to stay the course and find some wonderful lights in the darker parts of her deal...
~ and to congratulate fit_girl_jessy on sticking with it... owning your fitness effort takes courage.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to the long lost teaser... and yeah, I know you're over in fb... remarried and rebuilding life in sunny south africa... :) May there be new joys to fill the year ahead. :)

You are the two and the five
In my world of love.
Always the easiest to add up.
No matter how blue things get,
When everything looks like a seven
There you are...
Making it easy on my heart all over again.

It appears that pain medication,
combined with a metabolism dedicated to hard core healing,
is one awesome recipe for seriously stinky movements.
la la la...

Ok... time to get Ed in his bed.
See ya soon.

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