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ahhhhhh.... this has been a totally bitch'en day... I'm just jump'en. Could be the dozen vats of coffee I've pounded back, but I'm thinking its just that I'm such an energized worker. (picture the engergizer bunny with a keyboard....)
Speaking of visuals, I've had this thing in my head for days and I cannot think of a proper venue to bring it out with ... The story source is a trip to the can in a bar from my yut (tip o'the hat to My Cousin Vinny) - a place call "Le Bop" in a city called "Hull" in a province called "Quebec" at a time when Quebec bars closed at 3:00 am while at home in the Province of Ontario (across a river) bars closed at 1:00am... Hull became quite the lil'shit hole full of drunk Ontarians...
Anyways... (how do I manage to make everything so long?) Theres this big scary looking dude at the urinal (I fu#K%$g hate that word) piss'en to beat-the-band (splash splash) and his head is turned up with a quart bottle of beer (leave it to Quebec to successfully market giant bottles of beer) firmly wedged in his mouth. The complete irony of this strikes my stoned lil'self as rather humorous. In one end and out the other... you get the picture? So I burst out laughing. BIG mistake.
anyways... the image of that irony keeps coming back. Thought maybe I'd get some closure by sharing.
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