Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, January 26

It's officially "one week later". Still getting better... :)

Yeah... it wasn't cold today at all. No new rain... a few flurries and stuff... but whatever.
I'm in a bitch.
No, I'm not wedged into some pms'ing twat...
I'm grappling with how it feels to fake being in a good mood all day.
I spend the first three quarters of the day pretending to not be frustrated with it hurting to get up from my frigg'en chair,
Or that the can is about sixteen million paces away from my desk. (and yes, after one week my body has decided it needs to blow massive gas every hour that seems to have been collecting in hidden parts of my anatomy all week)

Oh, and by the third quarter of the work day... I'm about done faking it and I just decide to fume at my desk, and wish I was in bed, unconcious.

~ yeah, sooooo... I wore track pants to work today.
~ no, not cotton addidas pants... gym pants but I've not way to 'splain 'em cept "shiny, blue, and NOT constricting on my incision!!!". :D
~ k, never done that before... :) Oh, a Tee and a nice sweater to go with... :)
~ full on day... 'cept'en it turned out to be "drama day". ...
~ so many dramatic office freaky moments today... I lost count.
~ started with a "I really think you need to re-think this process" meeting with some folks who think they have it sussed. ("it" just being some IT process stuff at the client zone).
~ moved on to carrying the torch for my "why does my employer promote drinking and driving" rant... (it was sent up the chain today... I'll either NEVER STOP HEARING ABOUT IT... or never hear another word...)
~ co-worker - who has earned a rediculous amount of respect from me for her drive towards her careers future - dealing with hard choices. Tried to be helpful... we'll see how that pans out.
~ and filled all interveening moments working on a "please use track changes so your document becomes practically unreadable" revision of this "official" document...
~ home now...making ham, smashed tatters, corn, peas, and salad for dinner...
~ somehow, I will finish Season One of californication tonight. :D
~ for co-worker girl to bask in the glory of good choices all day tomorrow.
~ that shebear enjoys the new wheels...
~ for some good vibes to find voicesinherhead's Melody...
~ and to be all super excited for galebird pending awesome moments with her peanut. :)

WTF is with the Dr. Ozz fat-people's show?
Honestly... dude had promise, but he's blown it.
He is officially moved from dangerous to ... just plain freaky.

you know... I can close my eyes at any moment in time and instantly pull the image of Mia, on top of Duchovny, punching him in the face. LOL!!!
Oh, and the smoking hottest woman in the show? His agent's wife. (Pamela Adlon)

Ok... other than the Mia thing... this seems like a somewhat angsty, negative post.
I'm not happy about this. :)
I'll try harder tomorrow... to not suck at life.
But seriously... I am officially hunting for a "break"... as in "you deserve a break".
I'm prol'y being selfish... 'cuz I know I have a lot to be thankful for.
Just ... today, things feel a bit "piled up".
Truly... tomorrow will be better.

~ k, see ya.

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