Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, January 25

So day by day... a little better.
Unfortunately, todays "a little better" had to come after a crap-tastic sleep.
I sat up... groaning, trying to focus on the clock because I was sure it was about to ring the morning wake up bells.
I was pulling off my soaking wet shirt when I noticed it was only 2:35. (serious night swet... gah!)
This would normally be a good thing... as in "wohoo... four more hours!"
Unfortunately... I really was not sleeping well last night... so I had four more hours of ... not sleeping well.

Oh and it rained like all get out last night... and all day today.
Six of seven area ski resorts... closed.
The only one open? the one Geo broke his shoulder at...
Dude... it's only late January.

~ so I suited up for a monday...
~ beige trousers, nice shirt, purple tie...
~ regretted it all fricking day long. :( (pants need a belt, and a belt hurts my fucking gut... )
~ I'm commando in pj pants with a warm hoody...
~ First day back to work... loads to do.
~ wrote a nice long letter to my direct report (employer, not client) to complain about beer & pizza... asking him to please forward it to the proper company rep. He wondered if perhaps I'm just in a bad mood. He asked me to wait till tomorrow. I said sure... what's a day. :) (I'm not letting this go...)
~ sat at my desk as much as possible... got a lot done, but man-o-man... I've got a lot on my "to do" list.
~ watch tv... take medication... sleep all night long. !!!!!!
~ dinkydo enjoys the soon to be "tradition" of mocking old sci-fri 70's movies. Personally... Logan's Run should be in the offing!
~ that spazy-debby (aka my-little-debby, aka debby) keeps all her fingers attached.
~ for anfractuousity to hurry up and remember to be proud of what she's accomplishing... :)
~ and that mellusions.... cleans the rug.

May I just say - once again - that hockey ... all of it, but we can focus on Junior Hockey for a bit, is run by the stupidest excuses for human beings the world has ever produced.
Seriously... they are up against the wall right after the lawyers when the revolution comes.
Team Canada, Junior Edition... Team Captain Patrice Cormier delivers a searing elbow to the face/head of an opposing player...
Opposing player... on ice convulsing with a serious brain injury. His life... changed forever.
Cormier? Oh they suspend him.
Last month? Some other unbelievable bad hit, breaking the head of another junior player... another life changed forever.
Result? The offending player gets a season suspension.

Now pay attention... this is the hard part...
When a shit for brains dick wad of a hockey player delivers a hit so bad that the cops have to be called and someones life is forever changed...
That player should be completely and totally banned INTERNATIONALLY from playing organized hockey for the REST OF HIS LIFE.
No appeal... no quarter.... no option.
And it really does not matter if he "is a natural" or "has already been signed by a major league team".
Screw that.
There will be no lessons learned and absolutely no effort what-so-ever to change anything with this whimpy, pussy, stupid punishments.
"Suspended for the Season" means he goes and plays in Hungary for a year. (or something).
"Banned for life" will make the next guy think for a second or two and might even save a life.

It's pathetic and a poor comfort to the players that lay in hospital rooms with their kidneys in their lungs or the brains smashed in.

Hockey is run by morons.

I had a get-well-soon card on my desk.
co-workers brought me another one, with a 'bucks and a cute toy...
Such small things... still manage to make me feel like a million. :)

Oh I shaved it all off this morning.
Hack and slash.
I do not like corto with lots of facial hair.

~ k... see ya soon. :)

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