Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

The company I work for holds these "social" events called "Beer and Pizza Night".

We have two city offices... one downtown and one in the East.
These offices are filled with employees - no diff than me, except instead of working on a client site (as I do) they work on some big contracts that have been outsourced to our company.

From time to time we get the invitation to "join us for Beer and Pizza at 3:30 to 5:00" from the corporate email account.

So... first of all... a majority of the employees do not work at the company offices. Most of us work on client sites.
Second... 3:30??? that means I would have to leave my client offices at 3:00.
I'm not sure how that is supposed to work... but I do know it translates into all the staff that do not work at client sites... get free beer and pizza, let alone get to knock off work at 3:30.

Lucky for them.

Here's the real problem....

I don't drink... but I'm not a zelot. I am almost jealous of how folks can drink a few drinks and get a little buzz and enjoy it...
All perfectly legal.

I am, however, the sort of a person that will publically humiliate you to the point of you wanting to sue me... if it appears to me that you are dinking ... and driving.
I despise people who drink and drive.
It makes me physically sick to think of the damage they can cause.

Yet... here is my employer, offering free beer to the staff at 3:30...
Just in time for them to toss back a few, hop in their cars and ... drive home.

I have quietly complained to my boss about this... and I have always been blown off.

... well, I logged into my work-vpn to check company email and there's a brand new invitation to "Beer and Pizza".

So I replied to the mass-distribution email with...

"Excellent... 3:30... because everybody needs a few beer in them before they join rush hour traffic to drive home."

I strongly suspect this will not be received well by the people who monitor the corporate email account.
I really hope somebody calls me on this... 'cuz I'd really like to be able to put a name and face to that corporate email account and give them my unfettered opinion.
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