Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, January 22

~ see... you can't even tell that I'm all scruffy.
No shave this week.
Kids want me to leave it unshaved.
I am very self concious of this face-hair thing.
We'll see what it looks like on Sunday. :D

A little better every day.
Managed to drive Geo to and pick him up from his first highschool exam today.
First time I've been out since cut-day. :)
Only just took the first "ouch" pill of the day.
So yeah... doing better.

It - however - still looks like evils rotten little brother.
Today is day three post op and I do believe they want me to take the special plastic thing off tomorrow.
Ugly blood stained cotton thing is under that... all sealed up since the sterile enviro of the OR.
So basically... it's been a clean machine up till I take this thing off... but it cant stay forever. It's getting grizzly.

~ oh pj pants ... no question. Just thinking about trousers on Monday is freaking me out a bit. :)
~ Nothing... well, finishing the first season of Defying Gravity, watching another epi of Californication, texting coworkers... because I can... ar ar ar...
~ er... and that's it, besides a couple of short drives to Geo's high school.
~ although... nobody ponied up to make dinner tonight... so I've got smashed tats, broccoli, pepper-squash, and salmon about to come out of the oven.
~ Geo's off the movies at 6:30, so no mucking about. :D
~ I could do a cardio work out, and then follow up with a solid hour of upper body and core stress...
~ I would aslo like a BILLION dollars. Neither dream is coming true any time soon. sigh.
~ for meekorouse ... to find those connections...
~ that mellusions remembers to establish a reward for the clean garage...
~ for pixiecup to find her robot...
~ and that aristophren... holds it together. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday ragamuffen... may there be lots of great reasons to ... update your lj. :) Have a wonderful year sugar-muffin. (I like typing sugar-muffin).

I really feel like I was making a difference in myself with the regular workouts and healthy eat'en and all that.
This is going to be a significant set back.
And that makes me a bit bummed.
Oddly enough, this has not yet eclipsed the almost manic level of happy that I have been working with over the last month...
Still happy..
Still feeling so thankful for the way things in life are playing out...
And still feeling like... the best is yet to come. :)
~ meanwhile... Dear Tummy: please ... enough with the fricking hernias already.

I have a 100 ft long, purple Cat-6 cable sitting here... in the bag it came in... waiting.
I want to run it from my router to the media pc... which is currently living as a wifi connection.
Running this cable... through walls, over bulkheads and artfully down the back access bits to get to the pc?
Totally needs to wait for my gut. :(

You're born alone...
You die alone.
Hell, you may even live alone...
But if I know you...
If I you have let me care...
If you have let me into your heart,
You should know... you will never be truly alone.
I sign up for life.


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