Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, January 21

K... so today is a good day.
Last night was all about the cramp
and this morning was all about the crap...
But then there was a shower (cool bandaid, seals area...)
And a day of being sloth like.

Oh, and while I feel much improved...
It looks infinately worse.
no pictures. it's evil.
I am black with one giant bruise...
And ... I seriously need to keep icing things...
But as I said... feels better. :)
edit: I just coughed. This was followed by several prayers for death,
and the realization that I've let the pain-med schedule slack.

There was sunshine today.
I wish I was walking through it...
But all I did was look at it. :(

~ ug... pj pants, long sleeve warm...
~ again... NOTHING.
~ I watched four episodes of Defying Gravity and an epi of Californication... eyeballs rolling into back of head... zzzzzzz
~ that weebsurfer and family enjoy the new santa fe...
~ for brak55 to not sell himself short...
~ that canuckgirl finds her Spamalot
~ and that you go read raylenetaskoski's post [:: here :: ]

Can I just say... Windows 7 was not your idea.

when I look into your eyes
I feel like I see all of you.
it's wonderful.

~ day three approaches.
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