Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, January 18

~ so... is that the universe... or the infinite?

Today was a very good day.
I got it going early, with the junior juices off on time, and at physio by 8.
Little sponges, and suction-cuppy electrods. interferential or something...
And a lot of talk about what's going to have to happen over the next couple of weeks. :(
Work ... getting everything done I needed to do...
Play... getting everything done that I wanted to do... :D

My body is under seige from bad luck and my mistakes.
And as I sit here considering the ice pack I have on my shoulder,
I get a little pissed off thinking that I'm going to have to layer on
a completely new layer of slow healing.

~ so yeah, I wore my fav shirt for my only dress up day this week.
~ to get a goofy amount of work done so being away wont screw too many things up.
~ go to gym... cardio... and legs.
~ stop at farm boy and get a bunch of fruit...
~ for lisabella much success and keeping the stress away. :)
~ I was a fly on the wall when duhneese succumbs to temptation and tries on the little orange shorts.
~ and for sodiumbisulfite not to worry...

Did you know redfenix is a real live author... like a real author, not just a blog-o-maniac.
[ :: check out an interview with her about her new book release :: ]
[ :: See the book (Flash Of Dark) here :: ]
~ cool huh!! :D

Really had a good moment today.
Reminding myself how easy it can be to take care of a friendship.

So no doubt I'll be all posty and pictury
But not till way later. :(
See ya tomorrow.
~ it's 11:27... I only have 33 minutes left during which I can consume anything before... the knife. :)
ar ar ar ar...
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