Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, January 15

No snow day. lol
Up and at'em with the boys and z and ...
Still managed to get to work early. :)

~ eh, skinny jeans.
~ but it was normal jeans, black tee, untuck blue button up shirt and a sweater...
~ K, it's crazy time at work as I ramp up everything to be sorted while I'm away next week.
~ I still have monday to finish up. :)
~ went to the gym with a few coworkers some friends...
~ (so flipp'en good for my spirit to do this... :D)
~ home to clean up the kitchen and get dinner sorted... cleaned up again...
~ and then a little z time and ta da... now it's now. And I'm typ'en on the sofa (thank you wifi)
~ watching something off the pvr later. :)
~ that canuckgirl doesn't hurt too much tomorrow...
~ for dawna to find a coping mechanism...
~ to tell kendokamel that it only takes one connection to keep you from vanishing and if all else vanishes...I will find you. :)
~ that pasticcio gets what she wants...
~ and for the_bean to get people to listen...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to my little nutmeg. :) May there be sweet relief... and a happy little boy on this years path. :D

So I'm just say'en...
I am still riding this wave.
Despite the challenges... I feel wicked good.
I know I have a tendancy to crash from this kind of up...
But I also know, without a doubt, that this is the longest run in memory.
and I am not complaining.
btw... I blame my choices lately...
And I am thankful.

First time I've seen Steph since the comment.
From deep exertion in the middle of her training session,
She managed a nice smile and nod.
That dice roll ... was good. :)


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