Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, January 13... no really, it's yesterday. :)

Yeah... snow and stuff... stuff like freezing rain.

Still waiting for the "post new years rush" at the gym to thin out as the failed resolutions kick in.
'cuz it's all about me and machines and space waiting for me like little patient helpers. :)
My favs (and I know this is evil... I know I'm making fun of someone... but... DOOOOOOODE....)
... my favs, are the guys in short gym shorts, a drenched blended fabric shirt, BROWN SOX and bright white brand new cross trainers.

We went out to dinner... family night at Swiss Chalet.
Very eh... I need to force my family into experimenting ... with new restaurants.

~ a really great shirt and tie... but man, that was ages ago.
~ skinny's and a tee is the story of the night.
~ a flip chart of a wednesday freak out.
~ got to the gym... made it count. Only a few days
~ for joggingguy... to enjoy the heart attack. :)
~ to quietly remind canuckgirl that she's sugar... always.
~ and for sometimes59 to make sure her buttons ... are strong!!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday shebear... I truly hope the year ahead brings you closer... to the solutions that are out there.
Happy birthday annietopia... may you have great big baskets of fun this year. :)
and Happy Birthday venusrising too... Enjoy your day, relax the rules and remember to enjoy this next year.

How come we are all so ready to spend literally billions of dollars on fixing a place like Haiti after it breaks,
Yet we are not willing to spend millions to make sure "breaking" doesn't have to destroy the frigg'en place.
Concreet slab roofs... only way to weather the hurricains? Bull.
An unsustainable infrastructure when everything is perfect... so no big surprise that it's complete dodo after it shakes.
So what? CIDA? Aid and development?
Haiti is a hole overrun by crime, criminals, and corruption.
Now it's a broken hole... and we're all going to pour money into fixing it...
and then give it back to the criminals, and corrupt officials.
Not that they don't deserve help and all that...
It's just so pathetic that we fool ourselves into thinking we're going to make a sustainable difference.

/ it ever late.:)
That's what I get for watching two epis of Chuck. :)

night night...

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