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Friday, January 8

Today was awesome.
I mean... seriously.
Just... gah!
K'mere... touch me.
Feel it?
Just leave your finger there for a moment... feel it?
Warm eh... ?
Wait for it... THERE.
Wicked eh??? !!!
It's like a cold shiver of electricity just sneaks across all the exposed bits.
It's called happiness.

~ so yeah, I get a handful of compliments every time I wear this brown turtleneck.
~ my self conciousness thinks maybe somehow this is a joke I'm not getting...
~ my vanity says the shirt makes me look taller. :D
~ to have all the cubicle walls at the clients offices raised up about a foot in the offices of all the tall people.
~ but that's only because I was advised that little suction cup dart guns (to shoot at the tall people heads sticking up over the cubicle walls) were not permitted.
~ totally great day ... btw. no really. :D
~ work is really dynamic right now... with the threads of many different initiatives all weaving together.
~ result: increased enjoyment of the working day watching how things unfold... and poking things in the soft spots when they're exposed.
~ great time at the gym. I've notched up both the cardio and the upper body stuff... the leg stuff still sets 'em on fire and I have to remain careful about core stuff (hernia operation a week from this coming Tuesday).
~ iscoolsobig... to go from being chilled by the cold gym clothes to a completely drenched and burning corto in a hour of loud music and strain*. So awesome...
~ short order cook for dinner... Ed had pasta (butter and parma - aka: Shake-Shake) with a lettuce-free, hold that mayo, club sammich.
~ Geo had a massive helping of mashed taters and a club...
~ zee and I had omlets...
~ and then a vast kitchen clean-up. Had a mental "ding" at about 8:30. sigh. :)
~ now? totally cutting myself off from service with ear beads, ipod and wifi-laptop.
~ for small victories to keep adding up for dawna,
~ that anfractuousity get's herself some flylady shoes... and goes all flylady on the base ship. :)
~ to smile at annietopia and marvel at her smartypant'edness. :)
~ and to sneak over to cynnerth's house and sit on all her chairs.

The famous-for-his-success coach of a CFL football team in Canada is accused, tried and found guilty of sexually assaulting a teenage girl babysitting at his house.
The judge acquits him because the judge feels the guy is genuinly sorry.

Had the nursing-station-consult yesterday. A phone call on the way to work.
She asks a gazillion questions... Confirms that's it's on the left side LITERALLY four times.
Every single person that will be in the operating room will see me in the hall before "go time"...
And each of them will ask me to confirm that it's on the left.
One of them will whip out a black magic marker and put an X on my left ab.
I will find the experience totally surreal.
Sort of like a weird moment in a John Irving book.
And then I'll be watching them turn on the by-by drugs and I'll know that I'm about to blink... after the blink, my gut will have been opened, fixed, and closed again.
What a trip.

There are so many things you can do that cost you nothing,
yet would totally make someone elses day...
And every time you do ... you become more.
Just... more.

Yeah... I think I'm going to go strategize with the admiral for a bit and play some pinball.

* d'ya see that? did me some of that "talk'en in the third person" stuff.
Gotta love how creepy that can get. :D :D

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