Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, January 7

~ me, just finished looking a series of cam shots exploring the vastness of my bald spot.
~ fun man... fun. :)

So yeah... DING.
My alarm went off at 6:00 this morning.
From waking kids, getting them downstairs, fed, making lunches... and out the door,
taking care of me, food, shower, dress, pack, coffee... did I mention coffee?...
To work... totally non-stop day... with a warm heart moment and a great gym workout...
Groceries on the way home... packing 'em away, cleaning up kitchen, making dinner,
Cleaning kitchen again... and then DING.
Literally the first time all day when I felt like I had stopped...
Just... stopped.
I've got another coffee now.
My world is at peace.

~ oh man... pj pants... black tee. big warm fuzzy blanket wrapped around me on the sofa as I laptop away...
~ today was more jeans... and I'm pretty sure I pulled off "untucked" as a "shirt under the sweater" look.
~ significant... I've never managed that before. Always felt like a dishevelled dip stick... but I think it worked today.
~ lol.
~ fuck'en eh... just go go go go till your head falls off... pick it up, and find a seat. sigh.
~ militantmomma was saving me some mini banana bread loaves!! :D
~ that anfractuousity and her main squeeze... get to carving their own path someday soon...
~ for my adorable nerdular... to advance to the next stage soon. :)
~ to send a random smile to uawildcatgrl ... because she's sugar.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to the_bean. Just back from a big explore, and facing a new year of BEING AWESOME. :D (sorry, but after meeting you and hearing about the amazing things you have going on in your life, you've been shoved up on the lj friend hero pedestle. :D) I hope you had a wonderful day on your special day and that the year ahead rewards you for putting so much effort into living. :D

Nigeria is pissed off about them darn 'mericans making all kinds of rules about flying.
So many delays and ... security.
I'm guessing they're not asking the customs officials if they want to help launder five million dollors from the princes private holdings...
But seriously...
Dear Nigeria:
You seriously expect anybody to give a shit if you don't like line ups?
You are a country with a life expectancy for your citizens of FOURTY SIX. (Ok, fourty nine for women)
You are a world leader in crime, corruption, money laundering, and exist to serve as a global narcotics redirection zone thanks to your pathetic government and legal system.
Please shut the fuck up about line-ups at american airports.
Your's truly, EEOTP.
(Everyone Else On The Planet)
PS. Can you help me move five million dollars into your bank account, so I can sneak it out of my country. I'll let you keep half.

Did you read that LJ News post today?
Honestly, I had no clue LJ was doing so many cool things. :) lol... I'll likely not use any of it, but still...
cool beans.

Love recklessly.
Love with every ounce of your being.
Love your friends so hard your heart feels likely to burst
Love with great passion...
Love without it.
Just don't miss out on a chance.
There will surely come a time when you can't.

Yeah... k, time to go. :)
ps. I love you.

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