Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wedensday, January 6

So yeah... media pc, hooked up to theater gear... so cool.
Dear self: Please win lots and lots of money someday soon so you can buy a truly digital switching and scaling theater receiver... la la la... :)

Oh and surprise surprise... it snowed.

~ I pulled on jeans, smiled, added argyle and presto... it's a wednesday.
~ of course, it being wednesday... solid day of work... blink and it's 5.
~ although I paused in the whole "blink" thing to go to the gym.
~ a happy christmas eve to balljar ... :D
~ that suburbiadaze is worrying for nothing and that all is well.
~ for some razzberee flavoured good luck...
~ and that I could do something to make zaxwrit smile...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday duhneese. :) May the year ahead remind you that your not boring. :)

Today I shed a quiet tear with the memory of sugar-tea (teasdale) on her birthday.

f'king rotator cuff muscles are still kicking my ass.
Sure I have a vastly improved range of motion and shit loads of strength back from the near-dead-arm zone this started in...
but that was September.
My wonderful private sector health insurance only covers a "portion" of the first 20 physio therapy sessions...
That's long since used up... oh and that's 20 per family... and Geo's gonna need plenty.
So it's all about following the specific exercise and movement routines that the physio dude worked out with me.
But... I sure miss the way it would feel after he "worked on it".
Dear Shoulder muscles: please get better soon. You are sucking of late, and it needs to stop.

Tangerine Jelly Belly jelly beans ...
Lemon in a pinch.
But the tangerine 'specially...
Just Make My Mouth Go Mental.
I could take a FIST full and just cram them in my mouth and destroy my jaw trying to chew...
So I never expose myself to serving sizes of Tangerine Jelly Belly jelly beans of sufficient proportion to destroy my jaw.
Smart huh! :D

You can't solve - or properly put behind you - your little problems when you bury them under the big ones.
In fact... all you end up having done is made the big problems more robust.
Way to go.
If you've got problems and you think you need to deal with 'em...

Ok... I have to git. :D
See you soon.

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