Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, January 5

~ ok... now... looking at this picture.... I'm thinkin serial killer again. Or perhaps just cerial killer... we have sugar pops in the pantry!!

So it's been snowing for a week now.
Pretty much constant.
I've abandoned all hope of wearing sneakers ...

~ pj pants, ancient strong bad (hi kym).
~ although I was in my tuesday best for work. I really like the light purple shirt.
~ work is - not surprisingly - filled with ... work! gah!
~ still... on the busiest days... it still kinda feels like play. :)
~ gym... I'm like... "I'm going to the gym every freaking day before the surgery!!!" (and today was awesome)
~ peanut chicken, pasta, green beans... dinner was yum.
~ play with computer, tv and a giant long hdmi cable.
~ sending some of that brotherly love to rudma... always.
~ that bardiva knows how to burp...
~ for irishgypsie to catch a break...
~ and pasticcio knows where her windex is...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to kimmellee... may there be solutions and opportunity this year... for both of you. :)

People complaining about full body scans at airports... LOL. wow!
Governments thinking full body scans will stop terrorists in airports... LOL. double wow.

Ok, so a lot of things I write start with "life is all about..."
But see... nobody ever said life's aboutedness had any specific alegorical literary limitiations.
Life is all about choices.
No wait... life is all about being happy.
Or... life is all about choosing to be happy.
Yeah... that's it.
I mean, seriously... wtf is with choosing to not be happy?
Sure, things can suck...
But embrace your inner psycho... and smile.
Worst case... you scare away the vacant folks.

when something is right...
you just know it.
~ and it's a good feeling.


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