Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, January 4

~ yeah... back to work... kinda turns you inside out!

yeah, today was grand. :D
how great is it that I get to enjoy going to work.
I'm feeling fortunate again. :)

~ Totally a Monday. :)
~ back to work... beige monday. Excellent tie. :)
~ catching up... setting priorities... and catching up with friends at work.
~ freely admits... that last bit... was the best part of my day.
~ gym at lunch... totally rocked.
~ meet a consultant at our house at 6:30 to review what it would take to install a tankless waterheater. Result: we will not be installing a tankless water heater.
~ now it's now... i's getting late and time to read with ed is quickly approaching.
~ I get a chance to tell pasticcio about the stuff she... uh... missed. :)
~ to send some very quiet little squishy vibes to sirenity...just 'cuz.
~ and to send an even quieter smile to nerdular

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday cerulean_me... If I could, I'd give you that massage myself. (I happen to think highly of my skills. :D). May this day bring you many simple rewards.
Happy birthday ventusfelina... I hope you have been able to celebrate your day... and that the year ahead finds you reaching your goals and taking the control you desire most.
and krzy... I know you're out there. :D Happy birthday sugar.

Oh the joy that is htpc cables purchased through amazon-dot-com.
Yup yup... my 25 foot hdmi cable arrived today. All 25$ worth of it.
This bodes well for my htpc plans... :D

Dear Moster Cable Co.:
Suck it.

I love moments at work (and there have been several over the last DECADE) when I find myself absorbing information from young geek god coworkers about home theater stuff.
Today's lesson htpc, upscaling, IR remotes and Wii hacking.

~ life is on one of those mad upswings of happy.
I shall endeavour to sustain it's awesome power. :)

See ya soon.

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