Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, December 31.

NYE... and we are being total homebodies tonight. :)
Watching a movie... having a family fondu... playing some games and *gasp* we might even open one of those half size bottles of brutt or whatever it is... it sparkles... weee...
I'll have my annual sip.

And that will be how we kiss the decade of saying "thousand" goodbye. You know... we will say "twenty..." whatever, for the rest of the century.
Good riddance. It's way cooler to say "twenty..." :)

~ another skinny jeans day.
~ you know... having 'service people' scheduled kinda ruins the whole "holiday" vibe.
~ had the Direct Energy guy in by 8:20 this morning.
~ culligan was here at noon. Our waters fine... but man... what a pain. (I need to re-find my like's-well-water vibe...)
~ gym... immediately following the service zone... ahhhhhh... sigh. all my parts are happy with me again.
~ about to start getting the fondu set... make some shrimp things... saucy and wrapped in phylo pastry.
~ A safe and happy new years eve celebration - what ever it looks like in your world - to my treasured lj friends.

Birthday moments...
A day late, but as heartfelt a birthday wish as ever... happy birthday rini. May the year ahead bring a smile to your days and nights... and good surprises.
And for the suckers that have their birthday on December 31st...
May I start my wish with an apology from the universe...
I'm sure this was fun at some point but seriously... lol, sucks to be you.
All kinds of birthday love to danicia... Happy birthday super-game-sugar (sgs for short). I hope you have a wonderful day today and enjoy a year of good fortune. ;0
And to aunticrist, happy birthday... May the year start off with great news and just roll with that all year long. :)
Happy birthday bulvai... May the year ahead reward patience with vigor.

Gotta say... it's very disappointing to see another group of canadian soldiers die and get dismembered, let alone the loss of a canadian civilian reporter in a war that makes no sense at all.
Dear Afghanistan... please fuck off already.

As the "thousands" end and the "Twenty's" step up to the plate,
I wanted to take a moment to make my peace with 2009.
This last year has been a "giver" of grand proportions.
A year I will forever remember and appreciate.
We made unparalleled family memories...
We embraced a healthier lifestyle, and we pushed ourselves to greater physical challenges...
Heck, we faced all kinds of little challenges... and we've overcome all of them.
And as wonderful as all that is...
It's the friendships... that are making me a two thousand and nine super-fan.
Life is long, complicated and pretty much one monster obstacle course...
It a damn shame to face it without having the odd shoulder to cry on,
Without the chance to share a laugh, or the chance to show your love.
Simple friendships... have made the difference for me this year.
A year that makes the words "thank you" seem wanting...

what the heck... Thank you. :)

~ k... gotta go. See ya.

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