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Tuesday, December 29

seriously cold day.
So cold... you come inside... get your winter stuff off... wash your hands, pour a coffee, sit on the sofa, watch half a half-hour sit-com... AND YOUR LEGS ARE STILL COLD.
Like... cold to the touch cold.
Fricking cold.

~ but besides that cold stuff... it's been a good day. :)
Woke up feeling fine... and stayed that way.

Spent from 10 - 2 waiting for the Direct Energy service dude who was to show up "sometime between 10 and 2"... which really means... "He'll be there at 1:58."
Our hot water has a definate orange hue to it and that spells rusty-water-heater.
The problem turns out to be that the "anode" thing in the heater that the minerals attack instead of rusting the metal lining (the anode has a charge and ultimately prevents rust)... anyways... the anode thing is supposed to last 15 years... and after three... it's been eaten away to nothing.
So our wonderful Culligan Water Softening system... can suck my ... er... salt.
Tomorrow begins a process of finding independant water testers, and hauling Culligan to task on meeting our needs or leaving the party.
Grrr... Direct Energy just told us "Hey, we're fixing this... no problem... but you're going on the hard-water-plan." (this will cost us more... Again... Grrrrr!)

~ skinny jeans... enjoi shirt... warm hoodies.
~ wait for service dude...
~ make corto's amazatron whole wheat almond bread in the bread-maker...
~ go to gym... sigh... god how I love going to the flipp'en gym.
~ cost-co to get milk, chicken, fish, cream and sox. :)
~ dinner at SILs (brought the bread) and exchange kid zone christmas prezzies...
~ leave there... go to my folks house... short visit and giving more prezzies...
~ then home...
~ now it's now... and I'm tired. :)
~ for pixiecup to enjoy the good moments...
~ that skyedragon66 finds a way to calm the anxiety-storm that's brewing...
~ to welcome the_bean home from her travels south... (dude... I cannot imagine what the airports were like??? let alone coming from warm... TO THIS!!!). :D
~ that myclevername wins!. (because it is a battle, no matter how you look at it...)
~ and for barefoot_dyke to enjoy the ... serenity... :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday make-up girl... (sunnlight). I hope all is well and that business is great. :D
And to sillz, a very happy birthday Sarah. May there be prosperity, health, and buckets of happiness in your home this year and I hope you are surrounded by the ones you love on your special day. :D

I got new - beautiful - leather gloves (that actually fit!) for christmas.
Handily the most affordable way there is to make your car go faster,
and to make your rack and peanut steering more responsive. :)

You are more beautiful than sunshine.
The promise of dawn.

~ k... mario calls. :)

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