Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, December 28

~ all day, it seems, I have neglected to actually look at my hair. I know I've been in front of a mirror dozens of times...
Alas (earwax) ... I have had post shower, towel, mini-balding-mohawk all day. :)

It's Monday eh... not to put too fine a point on it...
but I'm off all week, and this totally is great!!!! :D

Suz is off tomorrow, but working wed and half of thursday...
So really... it's "family plays games at home and makes nice meals" vacation time.

~ See, when we went on our cross-border-shopping-extraveganza, I bought several shirts.
~ This one, and one other... are what I'm calling "my nice tee shirts"... so I'm trying to take care of 'em.
~ They have never been in the dryer. Only "hung to dry"... AND DUDE... the fabric feels like brand spanking new.
~ wwwwway nicer than the other shirts, bought at the same time... that get a dryer cycle.
~ nuthing. not one thing.
~ I didn't go to the gym...
~ I didn't bake...
~ I didn't even tackle a job-jar cleaning jag.
~ There was coffee... a great club sammich... and lots of goofing around. :)
~ that innerly has a good time at the island...
~ for razzberee to get a whole lot better...
~ for cloverbee to lose her flu...
~ heck... the list goes on... a big wish for a return to health!!!!
~ and that nosneros_h can stand the suspense... lol. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to my sweet and distant friend, uniclycommon. May the days and weeks ahead, lead your heart to a place of comfort and warmth.

Dude tries to blow up a US passanger plane... around christmas.
al-qaeda again.
Can you imagine a more selfish, thoughtless and pathetic organization?
Save the proportionally miniscule group of islamic freakazoids that want to suck the bugs out of an al-qaeda leaders beard,
All these guys ever accomplish is the "making life harder" for muslims the world over.
And now? They've just made things harder still.
Way to represent al-qaeda losers.

So yeah, with a little help from my friends, I've been tackeling windows7 license requirements.
The process continues.
It's something behind the seal of a "Friends only post", so let me generally share the two important links.
The deal is only good until Jan 3, 2010 (I think)... so do as you wish.
The idea is that someone with a valid college or university student email address
Can buy a windows7 home premium or professional license key (and download, if you need it) for 29$US or 39$CAN.
Sweet deal, considering the actual retail price of this stuff.
[ :: LINK to the US web site :: ]
[ :: LINK to the Canadian web site :: ]

I spent an hour curled up on my sofa with Rachael today.
I want a punch line here but honestly... I got nothing.
The only non-geeky magazine I dig is "everyday with rachael ray".
Seriously, though... I get a handful of good cooking ideas from every edition of the magazine.
It's a lot of fluff... but the good stuff is there to be had and I can haz it. :D

~ k... time to go play Mario. :D

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