Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Saturday, December 26

Dude... The weather.
It's just horrible.
We woke up ... well, i woke up, (everybody else woke up much later. :D)...
I woke up to a layer of ice on the front of the house... all the windows mullioned and obscured.
It has freezing rained all day. It's snowing now...
The world outside my door ... has a layer of ice on it.
just standing on the front porch... all you can hear is the complaints of every tiny tree branch in the big world. Icy crackles and snaps.
Is cool!!
But I totally didn't get anywhere near a boxing-day sale. :(

We watched Julie and Julia today.
I enjoyed it muchly... it covered blogging, publishing, cooking, political history, more cooking... romance... cuteness... and Streep was fun. :D
We have District 9 to watch later this week.

~ jeans... tees... hoody...
~ well, one look outside and it's "all plans cancelled... we stay home" today.
~ so I baked more kifli... cleaned things... played Mario Wii... (awesome game!!)
~ outstanding trout dinner.
~ now it's now... watching Phinias and Ferb christmas special. :D
~ that all ya'all are having some fun... somehow... someway.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday thetech... I hope the rest of the marks make you as happy and that the year ahead rewards you for the hard work. :D
And happy birthday Mr. evil ... :D May this year keep you swimming in good reasons to relax... and better reasons to smile. :)

We had a really nice christmas. :)
My fokls and sis came over for christmas eve...
We played around with gifts, baking, and kids ...
Ed put himself to bed at 10:30... (this is early for him) because he couldn't stand waiting...
Geo was out before midnight...
~ so we were up till 2:00+ putting things together, etc. :D
The morning was classic... I had my annual bowl of Captain Crunch cerial, made big breakfasts for everyone and we ripped through all the wrapping paper. :)
We went to my MILs for a christmas dinner with suz's family and a gang of neices and a nephew...
They've all grown up before my eyes... it's touching to spend time with them and see who they are becoming. :D

We came home from that and spent the next many hours recovering from a big dinner, playing games and watching the office.
A very family-all-together day... lots of play and lots of smiles.

When Ed opened his "big gift"... He sat there doing this total siezure thing,
He is hard core mad for star wars lego stuff...

~ and later we will have to log on and fill out the "missing pieces lego" form at
(You would think, at the price they charge, they would have actual quality control for getting all the pieces into the box... sigh)

Late night christmas eve shinanigans...
Making two of these...

Into two of these... (for the kids computer desks):D

k... now it's time to make a cake with Geo. (He want's cake. :D)

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