Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, December 23 TWENTY THREE!!!!! GAH! :D

Today was my nic-into-work-for-a-half-day day.
Just making sure things are sorted out for the holidays at work.

~ so today was most excellent. :D

The events of my day conspired,
in a most agreeable way,
to leave me in the very best of spirits.

D'ya realize that tomorrow is christmas eve day?
I have a full morning planned... groceries, gym, shopping and smiling.
Lots of smiling.

~ had my nice bright white shirt... my christmas tie...
~ dark trousers and ... it's wednesday... so argyle. :)
~ and then I got home and changed... :D, so, skinny jeans and long sleeve warm stuff.
~ up early ... suz and I both take off to work.
~ I had a nominal but never-the-less-important regular wednesday morning meeting...
~ then a team meeting that ended with a goofy gift exchange thing that the boss set up... gifts and all. It was sweet. :)
~ I clearned my in-basket... and signed off again, heading for the gym. :D
~ very good gym time... moments that totally remind me what it is I am most thankful for this year... :D
~ some shopping ... then home to do some job-jar'esque cleaning, make more kifli dough, and get dinner going.
~ tra la la... :)
~ for andysocial to catch some slack...
~ that minarets gets to hold on to her good vibe...
~ that all is well in the land of dawna
~ and for kaleidoscopeeye to have fun with the cookies tomorrow. Ed want's to make those ice-cream-cone cup-cakes again... :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a long-lost Renee (herlifedotorg)... I hope all is well.
And to an almost equally lost blushingblaze... I hope you've found a schedule that works for you. :)

A friend pointed me to Kiva. [ :: Loans that Change Lives :: ]
A truly interesting and seemingly worthwhile endeavour.

I'm looking forward to the "This Decade In Review" stuff...

I have relegated my digital camera to the "try to remember it for special events" status,
Favouring, in the main, to just shoot pictures with my iPhone.
I'm glad I didn't spend a small fortune on my digital camera. :D

K... time to go.
See ya soon.

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