Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, December 22

Hola. :)

It was bright and cold today.
And I watch the news about all the people getting lashed with angry mother nature moments and I feel lucky.

I'm going into work tomorrow morning to make sure my office doesn't go mental over the break...
and then the gym... and a couple of quick last minute shopping things...
but not today.
Staying home today... just relax'en. :D

~ er... skinny jeans, red tee and a warm sweater.
~ to not go anywhere... :)
~ lots of job jar stuff and getting my pre-christmas freak on. :D
~ to calmy point out that cloverbee ... is the cats pyjamas.
~ that galebird enjoys the little kicks...
~ and for anfractuousity to find some fun in the house hunting game.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to little lynners... (lynspin). I hope the year ahead marches you towards brand new solutions and big reasons to smile.
Happy birthday burntflowers... I know you're out there and making a wonderful life and home.
And happy birthday little lost Rhonda. :D (dorkgirl). I hope you're smile'en.

Having fun playing with windows7 pro on my "media centre PC".
It kinda boggles my mind that I can toss a terabyte of hard disk into a box for like... 70$ Just boggles. :)
I'm waiting for a 25 foot HDMI cable to arrive.
I ordered it off Amazon... it cost 25$.
Or... I could go to Future Shop and buy a 25 foot HDMI cable... for about $300.
Again... boggles!!!
The HDMI connects to the big TV in the theater room, so like... when you click to play a movie in media centre or iTunes or whatever... it plays on the tv.
~ i need to google up the idea of finding a USB connected IR sensor, so I can use a remote control to control the PC. :)
(still completely love my logitec harmony 880 remote !!!!)

So from time to time... and I'm talking maybe each year, say at christmas...
I walk out of wally-land with two multi-packs of new ftls.
And when I get home... I chuck all my existing ftls.
If you're a guy... you should do this.
If you're a married guy...
There is no end to how good an idea this is.
Trust me on this.

~ ok... time to go. :)
see ya.

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