Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, December 18

So... not a word of a lie... yesterday... today... fricking brilliant sunshine.

~ faker friday... jeans and a faker sweater. :)
~ half day at work, home to let suz take off for stuff...
~ busy at work... but off for the next two weeks (save for a short half day next Wednesday... to clean up some things). :D
~ settling into the idea that it's a friday.
~ to thank you. You make a difference. Really... thank you. :D

This curious feeling...
Is hard to put into words.
There is so much happiness
In a heart that gets to love...
... and feels love in return.
Even if ... maybe especially if,
It's a quiet and gentle love
Given to a friend.

Geo Update
So he had the operation... they fixed up the bone, and put a screw (?2?) in it...
Took a while... so they must have spent a while on the bone movement.
Suz stayed at the hospital overnight and I headed home.
Most of the rooms have a parent crashed out on the fold out chair...
It only takes a minute to have what-ever-is-wrong-with-you put in perspective when you visit CHEO.
So many hard hard hard things happen to little kids... I would be afraid of my heart breaking to work there.
... He came home yesterday, mid-day. We have a "go back to the see the big kahoona Docs" on Jan 8.
I worked yesterday... cleared up what ever I could... (I totally bailed on work this week... family first... always, no debate.)
Geo seems very much like he's doing well.
Tylonal 3's are required... but that should change in another couple of days.
He has no cast on... just a sling and while he has certain "exercises" he is supposed to do...
Our challenge is to keep him from "doing anything" with his arm after it starts feeling better.

Before I left to go home... leaving him at the hospital with Suz,
I leaned over his bed, kissed his forehead... and whispered to him
that I was sooo sorry he had to go through all this.
His reply...
"It's ok... It's an experience. At least, now... I know what all this is like." (Operations, hospitals, ... morphine, etc...)
... the force is stong in this one.

Edward and I did some baking. :D

Here... click the "continue" to see a photo-essay
on the story of these SUPER delicious cupcakes...
(a very nice young woman that sits across from me at work
brought these into the bake sale today. :D... they were a hit. )

So yeah... just regular ol'cake mix... and icecream cones...

~ fill 'em mostly... and bake'em.

~ made that fluffy marshmellow'ish icing (corn syrop, sugar, eggwhites, cream of tartar, double boiler, beat!!)

~ then dip'em. :D

Ta da! :D

(Thank you Dayna. :D)

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