Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, December 10

~ feet!

Those are... my feet and the_bean's feet. :D
All four feet are on the floor in a starbucks.
It's very nice. :)
She's a lovely young woman... and geez... prol'y has a cape hidden somewhere (although Edna said to avoid capes...)
Plays cello in local orch., teaches g.9 as a sub., and runs a robotics program for little and mid-sized people with her main squeeze, at a local high school.
oh, and has a job too. Can you say "lazy"... sheesh. :D

It's has never failed... meeting an lj friend...
Always feels so nice.
Always so easy and so honest. :D

Oh, and today was freaking cold... snowy... blowy... and yup, December 10.
More on the way, or so the weather idiots say.

~ jeans... white graphic tee... nice blue shirt... brown argyle sweater
~ still cold...
~ busy day!! finish reports...
~ have a dozen quick meetings...
~ graze at the "raising money for a sponsored family bake sale" table ... all week... omg... ahhhh ... no really...
~ gym!!
~ rare big smile moment... meeting the_bean for coffee at 'bucks after the gym...
~ the afternoon vanished in busy and straight home... Geo babysits ... like four nights out of seven this week... must get food into him before he goes. :)
~ going to make some big omlets when suz gets home from the gym...
~ and then stop.
~ ... and relax. :)
~ that kitiara... watches the pace...
~ for remind jenlovefl2003 to tip the milkman...
~ that ldy finds what is lost and embraces her own personal magic. :)
~ and to just send some good thoughts off to bramey.

missing someone
builds character. :)
every time you let yourself care enough about someone...
to miss them when they're not around,
your heart ... gets bigger, stronger.
And you get fewer pimples. :)

Zee got these new bath towels...
and I have to say, it is easy to underestimate the cumulative
value to your complete being of having a rediculously soft and
wonderful new towel to wrap up in after a shower in the chill
of the early morning.


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