Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, December 7

~ ohnoyoudi'ent.

Yeah, so it snowed last night.
It was just cold in the early morn and then snow'en in earnest as the day wore on.
Now it's winter.

~ total monday, beige trousers, light beige and white pin shirt, goldish'beige and purple tie
~ and a pair of vans... with my work feet in a bag. It's snowing. :)
~ k, I'mma gonna have a busy freaking week.
~ big show tomorrow afternoon and I have six different reports to get out in the morning.
~ so today was all about trying to get a leg up.
~ gym... lovely story... (see below)
~ drive through very wintery wonderland to get home.
~ for irishgypsie to get good news... and for a little bit of Olivia ... to find her way back.
~ to thank sirenity... just generally ... thank you... ;)
~ I could give pasticcio a squeeze...
~ and for ayoub... a wish for someone to be stellar at the recuperating and for your back to give you a break!

So you hear about baby making being an impediment to a womans career building vibe,
or hear a country song about how being a mom used up all the good years...
Then, of course, there's the stereotype criticism of fun loving, loose girl in high school... aka rhymes with strut.
That behavior, one would presume, is only reasonable when she's in her good years.
So it stands to reason...
More women should get pregnant in grade nine...
Forced to settle down through high school,
Gets the baby making out of the way before she's twenty
She can build her career because junior's in high school
and if she's so inclined, can live fast and easy as an adult and it aint nobodies nevermind.*

K, so I've been nursing a head ache all weekend.
Various sources, but not migrain, not food issues...
It ramped up a bit on Saturday, so I advil'ed and it was ok...
Sunday... got a lot done but eh... headache just kinda there...
So today dawns... it's snowing.
(big weather changes = sore knee cap and headaches)
and the head thing lurks but ... not so much.
Work is good... I'm looking forward to the gym.
I'm thinking I'll "work off the headache" with a blazing good cardio
and a bunch of muscle strain... wohooo. :D
Damn if it doesn't work.
Feel'en calm... collected and pretty much headache free,
I go across the parking lot to starbucks, grab some,
come back out and get in my car.
Magically... it seems... somewhere in all that,
I grew two solid inches.
This is the only explanation for absolutely ringing my bell,
as I climbed into the car and whacked my right temple...
into the door frame.
go me.

~ time to go . :D
See ya soon.

* omg... belax, is joke... sheesh. :D

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