Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, December 3

You cannot properly "chill" when you are stressed or worried or just... OFF.
I've been through the wringer this week...
really feeling a super "off" that magically showed up with the full moon and kicked the crap out of me.
I understand it more than I let on but truly... it is part of life to look back... look down... and look forward... and wonder.
The problems start when lights go on and you realize how locked into a pathway you are.
Never mind.
I feel remarkable today. I feel like ... well, I feel that if I tried to chill ... it would actually work.
So tonight...
... I chill. :D

Oh, and the weather is truly shitty.
Rain... wind... and getting colder.
Of course, they call for sun tomorrow?

Lunch bag contains...
~ "thin bun sammich" of ham, lettuce and light swiss cheese
~ whole grain "honey cracked wheat" bread, "Peani-nubby sammich" (Brown-sugar-peanut-butter-banana)
~ two packs of smoke house almonds (thank you blue diamond... omg)
~ 10 ritz crackers and a little wedge of old chedder cheese
~ a quaker "Chewy Bar"
~ two littlel packs of sun-maid raisins
~ a cup of fresh red grapes
~ a mini V8 - nice a cold!!!
And I will graze over this stuff all day long. Although I take it easy on all that before I head to the gym... cramps are no fun. :)

~ hmm... well, nice stuff today. :)
~ no good reason... no presentations, or meetings... just b'cuz.
~ finish "making" a new presentation that I'm giving to a VAST ROOM full of people in two weeks.
~ get some reports out...
~ go to gym...
~ find my freaking way home and chill. (see "chill" above)
~ to smile at morganofthefay because it's been a long time!!! and to hope big hopes for her friends and the people are able to help them.
~ that I could seriously... zoom to where pixiecup is... and just spend a little time helping her get things sorted.
~ that morlith gets a whole list of "exceeds expectations" and a comensurate GIANT RAISE. :D
~ and to let acoolsecretary that I'll always keep a little love tucked away for her. :)

you cannot help people who refuse to help themselves
all you end up doing is putting band aids on folks and acting like a slave.
and when slaves want band aids, they rip up curtains
and fancy white chicks start crying about Tara.
So .. yeah... screw off already Afghanistan.
Just hurry up and have a civil war already and be done with it.

Where do you go
With your broken heart in tow
What do you do
With the left over you.

(I love their songs... )

Only be sorry about the things you didn't even try.


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