Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, December 2

K... I noticed the sun shining today.
This is good.
This is called shaking it off. :)

~ argyle. blue.
~ there were several... but not many. :)
~ ah well... we'll see how next wed goes.
~ k... wednesday madness. very busy but a blink-and-it's-gone day. :D
~ sorting things for my "other" client (small work on the edge of a giant US contract)
~ gym... going for five this week.
~ and tonight... I'm hoping at least one of the wednesday sit com round up is new. :D
~ acoolsecretary together...
~ innerly enjoys the ride
~ for the jacket gods to once again smile upon deal chiropteraclan...
~ and to send a smile out to beachdog. Just 'cuz. :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to minarets... and I hope you got some nice fuzzy tennis balls so you can put them on the feet of your walker. It's going to get slippery out there gramps. :) (ps. have a wonderful birthday sugar. :D)
Happy birthday cattarina ... I hope things have settled down and that you have been able to celebrate a lovely birthday. :D

Why do we expect the most
from the people with the least
Judging the meek most harshly
While letting slide the privilaged.
It's a cry'en shame.

I've been on a journey.
New mental pathways
It's confusing...
... I sometimes flash back
to grade school and
the feeling I would have
after a light came on,
for the first time.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
have never seen a second of this show before.
turned on tv... Ed and I watched this little girl realize her friends were bailing on her when she finds out she's pregnant...
her parents split up the night before she tells her mom about baby
and there's some weirdness in the background about who is actually the baby daddy.
did I mention she's 15.
holy freaking drama.
I love that they make shows like this...
and that they're accessible to kids.
~ cool.


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