Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, November 29

~ red wire... lots and lots and lots of red wire...

So - in accordance with my plans - the weather was lovely yesterday. :)
I spent my early morning watching SGU before the other monkeys were awake...
Got groceries and managed to hurt my cheeks from smiling so much ... er, but ok...
the groceries didn't make me smile so much... mostly, that was the coffee.

Put up some christmas lights...
CANNOT FIND the new lights we bought last YEAR during the after-xmas sale-o-rama GAH!!!!!!!!
(pay no attention to the white guy pulling what's left of his hair out!)

~ actually wearing shorts... khaki shorts...
~ and yes, it's cold outside... but see, it's not cold inside! :D
~ finishing up the wiring for the basement baseboard heaters...
~ entertaining my one-man-electircal-team while he inspects...
~ turn on heaters!! :D
~ other than that... no plans!
~ that jjnslat is having a fine armenian adventure...
~ for odyssey_road to enjoy the carrots at dinner tonight... lol...
~ and to smile about how fortunate I've been ... seeing folks like odyssey_road and COUNTLESS OTHERS... have their little tiny adorable babies and watch them grow in your lives. It's just such an amazing part of what the whole Lj thing is.

Birthday moments...
Happy marginally late birthday troz1958. :) I hope yesterday went well in the land of troz.
and for today...
A great big happy birthday to lakme... who lives on facebook now so ... whatever. :D LOL. I hope there are good things going on in the life and times of a sweet suzanne.
Happy birthday oh local girl... whom I have still not managed to ever see anywhere... I mean... there's only a half million of us here.. k'mon! :D Happy birthday abbeyrd and I hope the day makes you smile and that the year keeps you well.
A very happy birthday to an amazing young woman... smooshiefaceinc. May the year ahead bring you some rewards... and some warm moments in your own personal sun.
Happy birthday billie0 ... I hope all is well and that your window plants... got big. :D

Lots to do...
So little time... :D
see ya.

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