Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, November 27

~ I have lots of dimples and wrinkles. :D
~ and yes... I just kinda decided that today is naked bum icon day. It's been ages. :D

totally crap weather.
and I don't care.
It's friday and it's s'posed to be sunny tomorrow, so my "grocery" morning will be with sunglasses and smiles.

~ faker friday...
~ nice jeans... faker sweater. You see that white tee colar? FAKE FAKE FAKE... :D
~ yeah... dude, it's friday and I'm digging the day. It blows... rain, cold, sleet, slush, c-c-c-c-c-crap... but I don't care. :D
~ gym at lunch...
~ dollar store to buy an ungly weird looking froggy coin collector thing and a card for a coworker. She was very smiley when she saw that someone was busy remembering her birthday. :D
~ going home to finish some wiring, and enjoy a friday night. :D (Geo's going to the movies again with his girlfriend... :D :D
~ that nutmeg finds her way to the other side of this challenge... and I hope he feels better soon. !!! :D
~ for bellhopghost to find... what she's hoping for.
~ that cerulean_me's family finds a way to return Thanksgiving day to a day worthy of thanks.
~ srsly? suburbiadaze... watch out for your goat.

Birthday moments...
~ a happy birthday message for a weekend birthday to a good and sweet friend... Happy b-day Jessy. May the year ahead find you turning pages in the story of you... and bring your plot to new and exciting er... climaxes. :D

If the world around me changed...
and I wasn't allowed or able to hand out love in the way that I do,
I'm quite certain my heart would break from the strain.
and then I look around... and wonder how many broken hearts are walking past,

As it stands... my current contract with this client goes until March.
and I would totally take another contract from them... I wonder if they'll put one on the table.

~ :)

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