Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, November 26

Happy thanksgiving to my all you folks live'en south of the big border.
something like seventeen million... 17,000,000 turkey's die for this week.
And a live one... the one the Prez pardoned... is the grand marshal at the Disney Thanksgiving Day Parade.
I bet that turkey is wearing a brown robe and muttering about a great disturbance in the force

It rained several times, but never when I was outside. :)

~ totally pj pants and a tee.
~ but yeah... all business land today. dark stuff. :)
~ an excellent day... but very head down at my desk getting reports done.
~ gym at lunch...
~ brought chinese home... food, not people...
~ laundry...
~ relaxing for a while... and I know I'll be in the ceiling in the basement later. :)
~ that friends negotiating uneven family landscapes... find spaces that are comfortable and memorable. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Toy... (dailymom). :D (soooo love your name) and I hope all is well where ever you are. :D
And to astralle, yet another in a very long line of happy birthdays. May the year ahead keep you and your family safe and happy.
Oh and even though you're a total face'b girl, happy birthday psychomagnet. May there be reasons to smile you can't even guess at...

Go to google and ask it how big the USA is in square miles.
Don't take the first answer.
Look at the range.
holy crap.
how can the reported range be from 3.5 mil to 9.1 mil?

well, if I had to choose
I think I'd say cotton.

~ gah... it's already 8;30?
Life is wicked fast these days. :D

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