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well, well, well... It's a rainy day in Ottawa... i woke up to the soft drumbeat of mother nature telling me I was gonna spend time being wet today. Now if I wasn't so hell bent on wearing my jeans to work once a week, I'd have worn the swish swish pants again 'cause those babies can be soaking wet one minute and totally dry 5 minutes later... a marvelous feature in clothing.
So listen, I got a call yesterday from Z asking me if I could arrange to be home in time to pick the kiddies up at day care... 4:45 - 5:00... versus my usual arrival time of 5:30 - 5:45.

No-problemo sugar! and I plan it. I didn't have time to ask her why... (work was tugging on my other ear...)

Well, I found out this morning. I thought to ask her - note: she at no time would have told me this if I didn't ask - what she was up to after work. "oh, Shelly, Anne and I are going downtown to get tattoos." tick, tick, tick... "oh, that's nice" I say, doing my very best calm, cool and collected routine.

I ask a few questions... she's unsure of the physical location but leaning towards lower back and is totally sure on the design... a "Zebra" of course... This not just some name I use for her in Lj... I have called her Zebra (her name is Suzanne) since the first month we met... long story, and now everybody in both our families calls her zebra. I made a point of telling her that I hope she goes for the lower back, 'cause it is a drop dead sexxi spot.

The place every guy looks as he walks past the back of a seated woman is right down her pants... don't look at me like that... I'm just telling you how it is. Seeing a tattoo there is number one sexy, followed closely by the tell-tale shimmer of a silky thong. All clothing, btw, seems to pop open at just that spot - dead center, middle of lower back, regardless of belts, actual waist size, skirt, jeans, whatever... so just believe me on this one.

Any ways, I intend to phone her a few times today to reinforce this notion about where she's gonna get the tattoo. I was - just in case you give a care - a little jealous about this, because I've brought up the two of us getting dueling tattoos before only to hear her derision... although - of course - when I mention that to her she says that she never said anything negative.... Any ways, I dropped that line of convo, cause I'm kinda jazzed about the tattoo and I don't wanna link it to an argument between us.

~ a freshly shaved squatchi
~ black snug boxers, jeans, red-T-shirt, denim corp. logo shirt
~ a shot of D&G.
~ mailing out the package gang stuff today... (no music this time... zero time to make the CD and I don't want to make my buddies wait any longer than absolutely necessary :D)
~ working hard this morning and being a total slacker all afternoon.
~ I would get some firm info on the Boston trip.
~ Z would turn this tattoo thing into a girls night out, that way I could get away with acting up on my cam in the evening...
~ with all of my heart that I manage to actually meet my Boston friendz when I show up there...

Later skaters...

Ps. You know, of course, that this means I'm getting a tattoo… suggestions?
pps. Are these morning posts too long?
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