Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, November 23

~ no. you are not a mind reader...
you only think you know what I'm thinking...

Weather idiots say today would be lovely, and the rest of the week will suck bananas through a straw.
So far they've been bang on... a lovely day under our belt.
It's sssssuper foggy right now. :) Cool.

~ so ... "beige" day.
~ yeah, work is entering a "going mental" phase.
~ serious new work and giant extensions to existing processes. sigh.
~ no really... it's gah!
~ gym at lunch... late lunch mind you...
~ picked up tickets to see [ :: The Music of Starwars :: ] at ScotiaBank Place... going to take Ed tomorrow night. :D
~ quick dinner and work in basement for a few hours.
~ to send some good vibes to sugar-veets... nerdular... just 'cuz...
~ for anfractuousity to get good news!!! (very exciting for you guys!! - house buying time... maybe. :D)
~ and that militantmomma has lots of aloe!!!

As the net-nutrality debate continues,
I am want to observe,
Government attempts to regulate, control, and restrict will always fail.
As long as we remain fertile ground for mass manipulation by the vast multinationals,
Those same multinationals will struggle to make sure we have our interweebs.

Got up Sunday morning, zoomed for cost-co quick groceries, and home depot to buy everything I need to install baseboard heating in the basement playroom.
And so I was plenty busy the rest of sunday.
Sore freaking knees...
I'm half done (two zones, two thermostates, and a new 20 amp circuit)
and I gotta git it done so my personal electrical inspection team (single person, but you'd never guess :D) can inspect and bless.
Then we hook up to power and face the prospect of not freezing in the basement all winter. :D

Ed, George and Suz got Hyni (h1n1) Shots today.
Geo and Suz have very sort arms.
Ed not happy at all.
He's only had a mild fever.
But he's very pale, feels very sore...
So, we're just basically sitting with him constantly...
Because I can't help being all worried.
I'm s'posed to get mine...
Although, I firmly believe I had the h1n1 when we got back from our cruise last year...
Which I think makes me immune.
eh... we'll see.

I gotta go.
time to check on Ed.

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