Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, November 20

and back to cold.
Yeah, just say'en.

~ "faker friday"... you know... those shirts that pretend to have a tee shirt under it or the sweater with fake shirt tails?
~ yeah, so blue faker sweater that wants you to think there's a white tee under it. and I put a gray tee under all that. :D
~ jeans!!!
~ gah... so tired. This is the way of things... by Friday, I'm just freaking bagged.
~ busy day... lots of "ahh" moments as we get set for "release week" next week.
~ gym at lunch. it was - as always - awesome. Oh, and a nice girl at the starbucks across the street from the gym... is going to Montreal next week to try out for the "So you think you can dance (canada)" to audition. I'm excited for her. I'll see if she'll let me snap a pic... and I'll FORCE you all to cheer for her. :D
~ mad busy afternoon. sigh. new work starting with new groups at my client organization. lol... I could work her forever... wait... that should say "I could work here forever" and yes, I could have just corrected it... but, personally, I like the look of the phrase "I could work her forever". :D :D
~ that a brave little rock I know... er... nosneros_h... manages to get somewhere.:) (oh, and congratulations)
~ for darkbay to find herself a bottle of glitter, pour it over some enimic punk in grade twelve, make him smoke a whole cigar, inhailing... and presto = New Moon.
~ and to send big congratulations to her_whispers... you've certainly done amaiznghggggggggggggggggggggg

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday elliriel... and I know you're out there. :D I hope all is well and that the kids are finding ways to make you smile on your birthday. :)
And to my most lovely and favored Ray... my sugar-ray... a very happy birthday darl'en Ray. (raylenetaskoski). May the conversation take you where you need to be... er... with a frequency that .. um... works for you. :D :D Have a lovely birthday sugar ... and love like mad. :)

Seriously... I keep hearing Canadian and US gov folks talking about wanting a less corrupt, more legit government in Afghanistan... hahahaha.
And I want flaming monkeys to shoot out of Rosanne's ass...
Who's dream do you think will come true first?

Dude... can you freaking imagine the party that was going down in Ellen's house last night... Shit, I can just here Portia scream'en "Stap it on baby... tonight we're celebrating in style"
Bet they can hardly walk today.
(k... sry... can't 'elp m'self)

Cougar Town ... is holding up. :D I'm glad. It's a good "mid week" laugh. :D

~ see you soon. :)

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