Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, November 16

~ Ultra Man... thank you fallingforward and I miss you sugar. Miss you big time. :)

Yeah... the weather gods are all fucked up again.
Click long range on any weather service and it's all about sunshine and glory all week long with ... (drum roll) rain, snow, sleet and ug all weekend.
We just had that... please take this record on "repeat".
K? Thanks.

In the battle for headache domination... I ate well yesterday (whole foods, etc.) and made it to bed by 12:30. (um... that's early for me... k?)
And so far today... no head boomer.
I have yet to get through the evening... so the verdict is not quite in. :)

Ed got himself out of bed at 7:30... I was much impressed (he's on a PD day today).
Suz was planning to take him with on her Gym Trip today.
He's been before... he totally digs the tread mill. :D

~ monday... all about the tie (nice purple tie with bits of beige..)
~ making the tie a nice go-with to the beige pin-stripe shirt and (sigh) beige trousers.
~ the purple "makes" the outfit... just say'en. :D
~ busy week... MAD HUGE wednesday on tap for this week and I'm all about getting ready.
~ gym at lunch... which was, again... freaking awesome. :D :D
~ realized Doll House was cancelled, so i got all down about that... oh well... Jos just needs to keep working his majic (unless he's sick of this shit - which I would understand, sadly).
~ and now it's time to head out and find my way home to make something yummy for dinner... hmmm????
~ to say I do truly wish I could have lunch with bramey... I don't know if she'd like me in person, but I am completely sure I'd be hard pressed to not fawn over her. :)
~ that katie8471 remembers that Casey will make all kinds of new friends... just be patient. :)
~ and mostly... I'm wishing for a solution to find it's way to pixiecup... 'cuz she needs it. I wish I could help sugar.

Garbage: Stupid Girl
Pink: Stupid Girls
Killing Heidi: Mascara
All about girls being lead by their stupid.

Everybody has their thing.
And sadly... so many know exactly why their thing is dumb.
But they can't escape it.
I'm glad you understand your mania
and I'm happy you know it's silly
So I'll just keep on trying to hold your hand,
and remind you that you are wonderful
and that you will be fine.
I can't fix you.
but I can love you long time.
And support you while you fix yourself.

~ time to go. :)

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