Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, November 15

K... rained a lot yesterday, and it didn't rain today.
However it was all about gray and icky both days.

The boys both had PD days on Friday... and Ed has another on Monday.
So that's a lot of not having to get up early for the gang.

Me, however, never one to sleep in any more... (sigh)
... was up at 8 both days...
Time to clean up the kitch, make fresh coffee, and putter in the quiet pleasure of EVERYONE ELSE SLEEPS TILL 10:30 or more... :D
Visit the admiral...
Hole up in the theater room and watch SGU while everyone else snores. :)

~ k... still wearing that shirt...
~ but I've been through two diff jeans and I'm in pjs now... :)
~ some early-sunday time,
~ quiet tv...
~ I was doing christmas lights... not actually stringing them, but getting things sorted... hanging the big wreath, hiding all the power cords
~ a trip to a friends house to sort out some web site stuff...
~ then borrow a truck from a neighbor, and go with Geo to help out my mom. (her "art club" needed help moving their gallery stuff)
~ pizza pick-up on the way home and a lazy evening with some chores.
~ er... AR is on... hope to watch that later. :)
~ that these-six-days... pass for kendokamel without repainting the house...
~ that I could play cranium with sassy_red_head...
~ and that lindalee_ gets the heck better... right away...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to escapeaverage... and yes, i know it was yesterday. :) I hope you had a great night and that theres some great reasons to smile in store for you this year.
and although I know you're hiding out somewhere, happy birthday to mr. moose... (moosifer).

Oh man I've been tired today.
And I've been in some kind of a battle with a migrane.
The migrane has not yet arrived... maybe it won't ever.
But I've been nasty head ache-ee every day for the last four days.
I'm fighting with advil... which kind of works but it leaves me a big bagged.
I need to either get the migrane and then get over it...
Or kill this nasty threat once and for all. :(

From time to time... I hit some random key stroke combination in my LJ client (Semagic) that turns my ~ key to a key that creates a °.
Like the keyboard gets remapped into a french keyboard.
and fuck if I can figure out how to set it back.
I end up having to exit and re-log in to get a normal keyboard layout back.

K... we're watching AR now. :D
see ya soon. :)

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