Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, November 12

~ zzzzzzzzzzzzap!!!!

Another amazingly beautiful day.
Thank you mommy nature... I can handle more of this... please and thank you. :)

~ er... argyle wednesday... on thursday. :)
~ dark trousers, blue argyle stuff... um, white golf shirt...
~ up and at 'em... I'm like a zombie in the early morning...
~ busy day at work, making up for missing yesterday...
~ gym at lunch...
~ going to Image Clinic hahaha... Ultrasound medical stuff... not "Image Consultant's LA Style" hahahaha...
~ Survivor tonight.
~ that my friend, kendokamel is ok... no alergies please...
~ and that pasticcio's princess is fine tomorrow. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday days_unfolding... may there be a great need to find time relax because life gets sooooo exciting. :)

I read the most amazingly alarmist, uniformed and honestly... silly comments about what an ammended American health care plan would look like.
Come on people... please DO NOT rely on Fox News or CNN to keep you informed.

The morning...
6:00 AM alarm... stager down the hall and turn on Ed's light... and convince him to wake up and follow me to our bathroom.
6:10... get Ed out of our bed and really convince him to take his shower in our bathroom... lol, and make sure his clothes for the day are in the bathroom with him.
6:20... Ed finishes his shower... wake up Geo and tell him to get in the shower.
6:25... full zombie mode... lurch downstairs... let the cat out.
6:30 Ed is in front of the fire place under a blanket watching cartoons ("I'm drying my hair by the fire!!!")
~ cut up a potatoe, put it in microwave... cut up onion, put it in a skillet on the stove and cook.
~ add potatoes to make hashbrowns... (kinda yum, btw)
~ make a protien shake for Ed... raw egg, carnation vanilla powder, milk. Any deviation and he complains all over the place... (bit of a princess about food... sigh).
~ get either a meat (sausages?) or french toast on for Geo.
6:50 Kids are fed, so I start on the lunches. I get stuff ready before bed, so this is mostly "Assembling lunches". But then I make fresh sammiches for Suz and I... pack my lunch and leave Z her sammi to add to whatever else she want's to bring. Oh, and put on coffee... !!!!! nine scoops... enough for two mugs and two car cups!
7:15 Make my breakfast... eat!!
7:20 Wave to Geo as he leaves...
7:21 Get Ed to go brush his teeth.
7:29... wave to Ed as he bolts for his bus.
7:30... look at my bed... wish to go back to bed... actually CLIMB IN and listen to the radio till 7:42 (after the "hollywood gossip" segment)
7:43 hit the shower...
7:59 kiss Zee as she leaves.
8:00 dress and get sorted for the car (pack my gym bag, laptop, lunch, car-cup...)
8:15 Leave.
sigh. :)

Hey... DID YOU KNOW... Hanna Spearitt... cute little blond from (don't groan) S-Club (or S-club 7, depending)... her...
She's Abby on PRIMEVAL! :D :D hahahahah ... I knew I recognized her from somewhere... lol.

k... I gotta go get my shoulder "imaged".
See ya.

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