Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, November 11

rediculously nice day.
sunny, and beautiful.

but the day was tainted by headaches...
I had one two nights ago... slept it away.
then again last night... and even though it was gone at 5:00 am...
by 9:00 it was creeping back.
Now (it's 8:30 pm)... it's back. full on.
But not a migrane. At least not yet.
The middle part of day was fogged over with advil and
I managed to get all kinds of things done.
Most of them were what qualifies at fall-puttering.
I packed away the porch furnature... cushions and glass away and the chairs, etc. stacked like this weird puzzle creating the smallest possible shape... which is now wrapped up like a christmas prezzi in a giant plastic sheet. :)
Cleaned bathrooms... made an awesome dinner...
and managed to watch an episode of SGU in the morning.

~ jeans and my fav tee...
~ to spend a day in quiet consideration of hedonism.
~ that dinkydo ... unclogs...!
~ that it stops raining in sirenity land...
~ and to send some moments of hope to the_bean...


~ made this for dessert... you can see salmon-for-dinner in the background.

Today was 'Rememberance Day" in Canada.
A day set aside to consider the contributions made by our armed forces in forging the country... the life... the future that surrounds me.
Now if I could figure out how fighting in Afghanistan in contributing to all that, we'd be golden.

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