Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 10

~ there he is... trying to get in on the action again. :D

Today was gorgeous.!!!!
Nice temp, lots of sun and I got to see a little of it over the lunch hour... weee (it's dark by the time I get off work now... till spring... :I)

Throats bugging me again... the glands, not the throat.
No stingy... just ouchi glands when I swallow...
The day's start fine and by bedtime, it's blech again.

~ dark trousers, black tee and a brown and gray argyle sweater.
~ got in shit from someone random at work about ..."dude... wednesday... argyle wednesdays..." lol
~ ug...k, today was a long day...
~ up and all kinds of busy to get things going... kids lunches, breakfasts, our lunches... ed missed his bus... zee took him in to school.
~ physio, then work, and the ongoing effort to get sorted with tomorrow being a gov' holiday (Rememberance Day) and it also being wednesday...
~ had a great gym thing at lunch...
~ more work after that, but that just lead up to the whistle and now? Home till thursday... which is good.
~ we still haven't watched AR... but Dexter has been fun.... oh, and Modern Family. Two big thumbs up for Modern Family.
~ for tomorrow to make up for today in the life and times of skyedragon66,
~ that anfractuousity finds her way to encouraged...
~ and to send katie8471 a hopeful smile,

Hey... you know what's fun?
Here's what's fun... The city's run short on the H1N1 vacine, so the school age kid phase can't start yet.
But (and this is the fun part)... we're making sure all the afghani detainees get their shots pronto.

It's a rare day in la la land
when a military commander makes me want to hump his leg*
But this guy does... [ :: Gen. Walt Natynczyk :: ] (Canada's "top commander" in Afghanistan)
It's been a long wait for someone to point out that the miltary perform a specific "military function" regardless of how you dress it up... be it "waging war" or "reconstruction" or "training security forces" or ... whatever. So when the parliament passes a bill that say's our military actions in Afghanistan end in 2011... that means frigg'en everything!

* it only works with "him"... I know there are military commanders that do not have a penis.

k... there is this iPhone App that activates the camera,
runs the live feed to the screen background, and
runs the texting interfaces in the foreground, and... presto!
you can walk (lol or drive) holding the iphone up and chatt'en.
will wonders never cease??


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