Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, November 6

So it was dramatically gray all day.
~ and cold!!!
I've had to break out the lap-blankie for the car drive in the morning. :D

~ jeans! faker sweater (faker fridays)
~ admonished a woman at work for wearing her argyle on the wrong day... lol)
~ head down working on paperwork... lunch with client team at an indian buffet... a "zoom" downtown to drop in at the galactic core and leave expense reports behind.
~ visit a store to look at cell phones for Z.. I want her to get "into" the whole text'en thing 'cuz it's likely going to be the only way we'll be able to communicate with the boys at some point... :D
~ made a mess of garlic butter stuffed chicken for dinner... was yum.
~ for anfractuousity to find her way back safely...
~ to congratulate sylvidoptera on the job!!
~ and that zaxwrit... finds her way back ... as well.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday murflegirl... May there be lots of little somethings to do. :D
Happy birthday no1topaz... May the years ahead continue to wrap you up in the love that keeps you smiling.
and to little facebook'er harleydog and her little snugg. :D I hope you are all healthy, happy and warm (gah!!! It's getting cold outside!!!) :D

Holding on to the you that realizes you are essentially a toy,
Long enough to embrace the fun of play,
Is a grand way to offset the responsibility of being all grown up.

i am one seriously freaking hard core professional procrastinator.
No seriously man... I kick ass at that. :D lol.

one of these days... for real...
I'm going to get myself a macbook pro.
of course there's the money thing... but I'll get there.

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