Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, November 5

Mark it!
November 5... It snowed.
Enough to cause a big bad evening drive-time in the recently darkened whistle hour.
Of course, the weather-nerds think it's going to be sunny for the next week.
But that doesn't change the fact that it snowed... big icky wet blobby snow.

~ hmm... brown and gray argyle sweater,
~ red tommy tee under,
~ dark trousers,
~ brown belt
~ and ma loafers (still no penny in there).
~ physio first thing...
~ work... total head-down paperwork day...
~ with a gym visit over lunch...
~ and some quick groceries on the way home (purely perimeter-groceries. :D)
~ hmmm... little pork roast for dinner... and do all kinds of relaxing tonight.
~ to smile out a little digital thank you.
~ that dinkydo gets a little girl-on-girl action...
~ and to point out that cynica is apparently going to have a wee tiny kitten.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday militantmomma... may peace find it's way into the swirling vortex of your family. :)
and happy birthday costello1177... I hope you've found your way home.

Ok... so that (if you know, you know) wasn't working the way I thought it would.
Was kind of expecting ... yeraselfabsorbed narcissist... lol.
However... when someone tells you they don't like hearing nice stuff from friends...
That would be a good time to make faces and say "liar" over and over again. :)

It's funny how tv is merging with the kids and us.
There's still a lot Ed wants to watch that grates on your nerves...
But mostly we all look forward to the same shows. :D
(except, of course, for the dexter, weeds, type zone...)

Hervey is coming back (my ganglion cyst)
I can feel it.

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