Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, November 4

~ watching "V" ... (gang's all here)

Gorgeous day...
I've been having a great week and today... just a lot more of the same. :D :D

As far as I know... the next Dr. Who special is airing somewhere tonight... and I hope to DL it tomorrow.
There's a christmas special still to come and then ... the little kid takes over. :D

Tonight? Couger Town and Modern Family. (although I'll be watching episode two of MF...we're late to the MF table)

~ it was argyle wednesday... wore the blue one... ran into not less than six coworkers in argyle. I'm aiming for much greater numbers... :D
~ and yes, I know this is creepy. :)
~ take your kid to work day!! :D
~ Geo and I got to work at 8:30. I introduced him around and we sat down in my ugly little cubicle to get my "wednesday meeting" ready.
~ We both went to the 9:00 meeting... intro's and a full review of the meetings goals... then Geo was out at 9:15 to the "session".
~ (the session was a two hour speech, tour, movie and security review. I got him back at 11:00. He was surprised by meeting a kid from his class at school)
~ we did some normal office work, phone calls and some Galactic Core (versus the clients) paperwork.
~ took Geo to lunch with a group of coworkers to a Vietnamese soup place for lunch.
~ a couple of meetings in the afternoon... then I cut out an hour early to go home with Geo. :D Nice day!
~ to pour a little super positive energy into ldy
~ for bratt72 to keep control.
~ and to smile at pasticcio...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday webdiva ... :D I hope you're somewhere having fun... with someone making you smile. :)

Blackberry : A cell phone with cool geek stuff added on...
iPhone: A wicked cool computer with a phone added on...

Honestly... I have no clue about Facebook on my PC. I log in and look at everything... shake my head... and close the window.
On my iPhone? woohoo... el'supreeemo super'fantastico. No Problemo.

no matter how good at something you are...
or think you are...
there is always more to learn. :)

I gotta git. :D
see you soon.

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