Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 3

Well... I kept seeing sunshine...
but I got attacked by hail at lunch...
the hail touched off a c-c-c-c-cold rain ...
that gave way to sunshine soon 'nuf. :)

today was nice... just a full day of getting things done and feeling good about 'em.
but man... you cannot imagine freaky-zone physio.
Today ... he slapped in the accupuncture needles...
AN DEN he hooked the electrods from the little zapper thing... up to the needles.
It was very strange indeed.
But the massage ... deeeeeeeeep thumb thing into shoulder... was wicked wicked.
kinda painful... but ... just wicked.

~ purple day... dark trousers...
~ physio first thing...
~ big presentation at work today...
~ gym at lunch
~ getting ready for tomorrow. :)
~ spaghetti dinner... made deep fried (pan fried. :D) breaded zuccini to go with... was yummi.
~ and, thanks to a pirate friend at work... we watched "Up" with dinner. That was fun.
~ ug... for pageeater to be nice to her thumbs... and they'll be nice to her. ;)
~ to congratulate annietopia on her eighth anni... :)
~ that grumpy biscuit zaxwrit... enjoys her grumpy. It happens. Tomorrow's another day. :)
~ to congratulate anfractuousity on the new car thing... !!! Now you be careful!!!
~ and to thank lianna for sharing her giggle-crack-cocain video moment. :D :D :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday out to miss here and gone again... little miss come-and-go-as-I-please, sensuousparadox! :D Go you. I hope all is well and that you're smiling. :)

Our dear city... the nations capital... Ottawa,
is doing a poor job of embracing the myriad sources of professionally trained medical practicianers ready and willing to help administer flu vacinations.
It's sad, really... because it smells more like a city that is full of itself and pig headed than a city facing up to a challenge.
Meanwhile... the public health nurses are overworked, breaking down and expected to what? do it all?
Bad city... bad city.
go sit in the corner.

I really really... really...
Wish I had a 13.3" mac book pro.
I do.


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