Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, November 2

Ok... I look pretty non-plussed in that shot...
but believe me.
Life is freaking grand! :D

See... one of the keys to happiness, is being able to see the path.
Let me explain...
If you are in any way challenging yourself in your personal life, however nominally, you are creating the capacity to imagine, let alone forsee, greater achievement... in effect, the pathway before the challenged-you.
Parenting, sports, relationship building, health building, game'ing, grooming, painting, creating... anything... anything...
Only through the "doing of something" can you see any measure of your suckage and therefore what "doing it better" looks like.
Up until the actual "doing"... you're just - what the kids call - a poser.
Life is a drink best sucked at garden hose volumes...:)

So yeah... I dig the many paths that extend before me.

~ mondays best... beige and a gorgeous tie. :)
~ seriously... guys have very little to work with on the "gorgeous" vibe. So gimmi the "tie" thing... :D
~ busy Monday, but a lot of it was paperwork.
~ I've got a big "show and tell" to do for a group of grand formage type clients tomorrow.
~ got to the gym at lunch. I'm writing the manager a letter to tell them how much I am enjoying the gym thing.
~ for a something to give in the web that is squeez'en my little sugar pixiecup,
~ to send a little "good luck" to bellhopghost,
~ for a very distant friend, sleep_walker, to find the right path...
~ for nbbmom to get some sweet news...
~ and to just send random smiles at my friend inspectorjury... just 'cuz...

Birthday moments...
A very happy, albeit slightly day-late, birthday wish out to canuckgirl. I cherish the memory of sharing our home with you little sugar and I look forward to seeing you again!! And in the mean time... I hope with all of my heart that the year ahead opens some new doors and gives you lots to smile about. :)

Halloween. :)

~ gaggles of wee tiny kidlettes on the hay wagons, dragged from house to house (big properties out here).
Lots of fun. :D

The only downer about November... is that it sneaks really nice days into the mix, but you've just shut down one season and then next one really isn't "on" yet.
I'm holding off on putting the basketball hoop away.
Maybe I can get the kids into that again for a little while.

~ laughing at Doc Oz when he "snickers" as that lady gets the laser hair removal thing.

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