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Survivor XIX Updates!!!

Survivor XIX: S’Moa

Brotha from Another Buddha

Where in... the editors do that total screw-with-you thing again. Bastards. "Hey, if you think you are watching one thing but we surprise with something at the end that invalidates everything you’ve watched... well, we call that ‘editing’." Bastards.
Oh, the boys make things go to Shambo’s head, they all play jungle baccarat, and Laura? She uses "pastor" in the same sentence as "Harley".

Survivor 19... in 317 words...
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
After the "Russell (white Russell)is going to die" thing last week and the aborted double tribal thing, Jeff was keen to get some suffering done. Camp Galapagos is leaderless so the boys try to fend off the four-on-four gender split by handing "camp boss" to Shambo – who, of course, becomes insane-o-shamb-o. Reward is a game of baccarat for a chance to take a ride on a pirate ship, and eat stew. It was very strategic but boiled down to the memory capacity of a squeaky little blonde. He brain thimble seems to have been un-full ‘cuz she pulls off a Galu win... Insane-o sends Laura to spy on Foa Foa, which leads to many sound bites of Laura making too much about it. Bad Buddha has new poon in his sights so he immediately sets to work on Laura and ends up suckling on her religion long enough to actually get her to call him a "brother from another mother"... which made me throw up a little. Laura goes on to blah blah blah about everything, which includes several references to her Pastor and her Harley Davidson. Buddha goes off again, this time about Liz and then finally we get to the Immunity game. It’s all about running, swimming, paddling, fishing, paddling and then putting together a pattern-puzzle. Life was grand for Foa Foa, who thought not bringing the leader necklace would be good mojo. They neglected to account for whiney boy Jasooooooon. He hacked at the challenge, running out of steam on the "work hard" part and totally not getting the puzzle on the "think hard" part. They loose again. We watch Jasooon be a general pussy for a while then they head to Jeff’s swinging pad. The editors take us on a journey that ends with Jasooon being votes off... then reality kicks in and Liz ends up on looser ally, heading to Camp Looser. J

Most Memorable Moment
"Liz is sooo stupid, I don’t know how she can not fall down when walks."
Oh that Bad Buddha... always endearing

The winner...
It’s starting to look a lot like Buddha time.

The Pitt
(aka "Tribal Council")
So the editors take us on this big "Jasooon is going to get booted" thing and calmly believe them. Evil editors. Bad editors. Sombeoby go flick their neck.

Two Things...
~ Seriously sick of Jasoooon.
~ I’m really digging the art-shot moments of Samoa. Is beautiful.

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