Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, October 30 ... almost boo time. :)

~ see... to me, this face just says... "he he... just got back from an evening cat hunt. bagged six. two'v 'em needed re-kill'en."

Today... it rained.

Little Ed left the house prepared for the big game.
(thanks in no small part to the kindness of a young man who lives around the corner. :D)

Suz and Ed made 31 caramel coated apples last night, and she brought over to the school,
to Eds class, for their halloween party. :)

Geo's still home. Poor guy. He had a cold last year at Halloween. s'not fair. !!
His cough is nasty, and he's got some of the asthma (i.e. "pre-existing respiratory condition") sigh...
So we're watching his temp carefully... because the news has us panicked about the Hynie. double-sigh...
I am completely certain that he's just got a cold... but of course, with that comes a reduced immune strength.
So he's staying home till he's better.

la la la...
Did I mention it was raining? It's s'posed to rain all day tomorrow and tomorrow night too...

~ I went in to my client office today, so I dressed for friday with jeans
~ and my argyle sweater,
~ er... and a white colared shirt
~ busy... but the week is still catching up with me. I've been majorly tired.
(Tomorrow morning... just relaxing after I wake up will do me a world of good.)
~ went to the gym... first time this week!! I've missed it... seriously. It's getting to that "it's like crack" stage.
~ straight home after work and got a gorgeous chicken kiev dinner going. (It was yummi.:D)
~ and... at some point... I have to get the pumpkin carving thing sorted out.
~ to send congrats to xaheras... my little egg-girl...(er that almost sounds creepy you know... LOL.)
~ for wbahner to catch a break...
~ and to tell her_whispers... she is the awesome!!!!

Birthday moments...
From yesterday... Oct 29... happy birthday to my little nancy (crayolaphoenix). I hope all is wonderful...
And happy birthday to my little identity thefted friend travellingstar... I hope you've got yourself back sugar.
A very happy birthday to beachdog... thanks for all the smiles my friend. May there be... a grand mansion suddenly handed to you!!! lol. :D
And to a wonderful, and remarkable survivor... happy birthday circe. I do so very truly hope that you're days are many. :D

Another Canadian soldier... DIA (dead in Afghanistan)
And if we do anything less than completely take over the country and rule it forever...
No number of dead soldiers will magically cause lasting change.
The day we leave ... they get to run their own country again.
Sink or swim baby.

Coworkers with indominable spirits...



I'm pretty sure Dr. Oz told that woman that, instead of eating, when she gets a craving...
She should just hit her husband instead.

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